When to Go & What to Take


Whether you are new to mountain hiking or an experienced mountaineer, planning ahead and being prepared are essential to a safe and enjoyable walk. One of the most important things to consider is the weather. Mountain conditions can vary greatly from those around them with weather liable to change quickly and sometimes, without warning. In order to stay safe, it’s vital that you check and plan ahead.


The following table provides an average for monthly temperatures in the Alps during the hiking season, specifically taken at Mt. Tsubakuro:


alps-average temperatures


It’s important to note that the above temperatures are an average and that conditions can vary greatly. Therefore it’s essential to be prepared and carry the following:




Please note, the items listed above are required for hikes from June to October. Outside of that window, mountain trials will be affected by snow and ice and should not be attempted by anyone other than expert mountaineers with adequate experience and preparation.


Always let someone know about you intended hike including when and where you will go and when you expect to return. The following app can be downloaded for free and allows you to build and share you itinerary with family and friends. It does not however guarantee that someone will be looking for you should you not return by your set time and date so make sure to notify a friend or family of your plans.