How to Access the Trailheads


From Azumino, three trailheads provide access to multiple hiking courses in the North Alps, including:


Nakabusa / Mt. Tsubakuro Trailhead

Located in Nakabusa Onsen, the trailhead can be reached using local bus – approximately 55 minutes – from Hotaka Station. Upon arrival at Nakabusa Onsen, the trailhead is right in-front of you and easy to spot.


Ichinosawa / Mt. Jonen Trailhead

Located around 25-minutes by taxi from Hotaka Station, the Ichinosawa Trailhead provides access to trails leading to Mt Jonen. For hikers wanting to ascend Mt Jonen, starting at Ichinosawa is an easier trail that the one starting at Mitsumata (as detailed below).


Mitsumata / Mt. Chogatake Trailhead

Around 35-minutes by taxi from Hotaka Station – or only 20-minutes from Toyoshina Station, the Mitsumata Trailhead provides access to Mt. Chogatake or the more difficult route to Mt. Jonen.


As the above information suggests, Hotaka Station is the most convenient gateway station to access the trailheads. For more information about how to get to there, see our ‘Hotaka Station’ access page.