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Higashiyama District inc. Yasaka Pagoda

Higashiyama District inc. Yasaka Pagoda

Located between Kiyomizudera and Yasaka Shrine, Higashiyama is one of Kyoto’s best-preserved historic districts. An enclave in which ‘old Kyoto’ lives on, the area retains the majority of its historic character with traditional buildings, including numerous stores, restaurants and residences lining the narrow streets. Most stores and restaurants in Higashiyama operate from around 9 or 10AM until 5 or 6PM.

During the middle of the day the streets are almost certain to be crowded as visitors including large tours groups move through Higashiyama on enroute to Kiyomizudera and Yasaka Shrine while shopping for traditional crafts and all manner of tacky souvenirs and enjoying local delicacies including ‘matcha’ (powdered green tea) confectionaries, cured, skewered and pickled treats and all manner of tasty snacks.

In this area you’ll find the Yasaka Pagoda – the most recognisable and easily-spotted landmark of Higashiyama – while the overall area is highly photogenic and generally pleasant to just wander. Allow enough time to explore Higashiyama at your leisure but best to avoid the middle of the day when large tour groups and masses of other visitors fill the streets. We recommend heading there before 10AM or after 4PM. For accommodation in and around Higashiyama, see our ‘Kiyomizudera-Gojo Station Area’ hotel page.

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Most shops & restaurants are open between 09:00 to 18:00

Accessible anytime of day

To reach the Higashiyama District from Kyoto Station, take Bus No.100 or No.206 and disembark at the Gojo-zaka Bus Stop – 10 minutes / JPY230 – or Gion Bus Stop – 15 minutes / JPY230. Alternatively, you can walk from Kyoto Station in around 35 minutes or 10 to 15 minutes from either Kiyomizu-Gojo Station or Gion-Shijo Station