Hakusan National Park

Hakusan National Park

Hakusan is an expansive national park lying to the south of Kanazawa and west of Takayama. The park covers around 47,000 hectares centred around Mount Haku – one of Japan’s three sacred mountains.


The park extends across four prefectures – Ishikawa, Fukui, Gifu and Toyama – and is accessible from Kanazawa in around 60 minutes (by car). One of the highlights of Hakusan National Park is the famous ‘Hakusan White Road’ a winding 33km route that crosses the northern area of the park.


Inaccessible during winter due to heavy snow, the route is open to the public from June until mid-November. Tollgates are positioned at either end of the road and charge JPY1700 one-way or JPY2600 for a round-trip. Without stopping, the road takes around 60 minutes to drive but to enjoy it fully, visitors should allow at least 3 to 4 hours to stop at viewpoints, walking trails, and small cafes.


Hakusan National Park is equally well-known for its fantastic hiking and mountaineering through summer and autumn, with trails suitable for visitors of all levels of fitness.