Hakuba Goryu: Everything You Need to Know

Hakuba Goryu: Everything You Need to Know



When approaching from Nagano City, Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort is the first ski resort of the Hakuba Valley that you’ll come to. In that regard it’s the gateway to the valley and one of the most popular resorts making-up the winter playground of Hakuba.




Like most resorts in the valley, Hakuba Goryu receives a huge amount of snow each year and boasts one of the longest seasons of any resort, typically running from December to early-May. Easily accessible from Hakuba Station and Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal, the resort is offers a good mix of terrain and courses suitable to all levels, perhaps best suited to intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Known for its great powder, the resort has opened-up a small ‘Open Tree Zone’, has access to backcountry and is the most popular resort in Hakuba Valley for night-skiing.  




Connected to Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park via its upper runs, Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort is another of Hakuba Valley’s most popular resorts. The two resorts can be enjoyed using an all-mountain pass, the Hakuba Valley Pass or EPIC Pass – covering a total area of terrain comparable to Happo One – but to keep things simple, let’s address each resort in its own right.




Operating Dates & Times


Dependent on snow conditions, areas of the resort are typically open from late-November until early-May, with the full resort usually open from mid-December until the start of April. Lifts operate from 08:00 to 17:00. Night-skiing is available from 18:00 to 21:30, from opening to close of the full resort.

The Stats


The resort sits between 950 to 1676 metres elevation, offering a decent 726 metres of elevation across 70 hectares of terrain and 16 courses serviced by 12 lifts and 1 gondola. The official breakdown is: beginner 35% / intermediate 40% / advanced 25%. From the top, visitors can also head into the connected ski fields of Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park, which in combination with Goryu offers a total of 100 hectares of terrain and 24 ski runs. The longest run in Goryu is 5km.



Known for its powder and some steep terrain, Goryu could be a backcountry paradise! Access to those areas is however strictly monitored with visitors confined to the small ‘Open Tree Zone’. Advanced skiers and snowboarders wanting to enjoy backcountry should do so with a local guide. While the resort doesn’t have many black runs, it does boast Hakuba Valley’s steepest slope – the Champion Expert Course. Intermediate skiers/snowboarders should head up top and enjoy the area around Alps Daira while beginners can stay around the base, where runs are gentle and well-groomed.


Terrain Park & Backcountry


Goryu has a small terrain park located next to the Toomi 1st Chairlift with a larger park in the connected slopes of Hakuba47. Backcountry can be entered from the very top of the resort via the gate next to Alps No.4 Chairlift. The gate is clearly marked with plenty of warnings. Anyone attempting backcountry must be register their intention to do so, be familiar with the rules and safety advice of the resort, be properly experienced and equipped including wearing a beacon/transmitter, and always go with someone. While Hakuba Goryu has some fantastic backcountry is it vital to always put your safety first, be familiar with the risks, and follow the rules at all times. Rescue outside of the resort boundary might be slow and expensive. The risks are real so never go alone.

Tickets & Passes


Day-passes for Hakuba Goryu/Hakuba47 cost: JPY5500 / Youth (12-17): JPY4000 / Children (6-11): JPY2900 / Senior (60-79): JPY4500. Infants aged under 5 and seniors over the age of 80 can access lifts and trails free of charge – see table above for full details.

Rental & Ski School


Ski and snowboard rental is available inside Escal Plaza – at the base of the resort – and other independent operators in the surrounding area. Burton also operate a brand-store and rental inside the same building. A couple of ski and snowboard schools operate at Goryu, including English-language group, private and kids lessons. A specialist ski school is also available however only provides Japanese-speaking instructors and guides.

Kids & Families


Located at the Toomi Slope directly infront of Escal Plaza, a dedicated kids area is free of charge and allows children and families to enjoy using sled and other devices, while a daycare centre is available for children aged 1 to 5 and is open from 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00.The ‘Woodland’ playground and infant facilities are also available inside Escal Plaza.

Accommodation & Village Info   


Centred around Escal Plaza at the base of the ski fields, a good number of restaurants and some bars are available, with accommodation largely centred around the forested village near the Toomi slopes. Several hotels, pensions, ski lodges and self-contained accommodation provide a limited but decent range of choice for visitors staying in and around Goryu. For listings, see our ‘Hakuba Goryu/47 Area’ hotel page.

Getting to Hakuba Goryu


Distance to Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal: 6km / <15-min drive.


The resort is accessible by local bus or taxi from Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal and Hakuba Station. For directions to Hakuba Goryu, please see our ‘How to Get to Hakuba – Nagano Ski Resorts Info’ page. For visitors heading to Goryu using their own vehicle, the main parking area has space for around 1500 cars and is free of charge.

Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort

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