Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort

Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort

When approaching Hakuba from Nagano City, Hakuba Goryu is the first ski resort you will see. Connected to Hakuba 47 via the top runs, the combined resort of Hakuba Goryu/47 rivals Hakuba Happo One for popularity with international visitors.


But to keep things simple, let’s breakdown the numbers just for Goryu. The resort sits between 950 to 1676 metres elevation, offering a decent 726 metres of elevation across 16 courses serviced by 13 lifts. The official breakdown is: beginner 35% / intermediate 40% / advanced 25%.


Hakuba Goryu offers terrain suited to all levels with good intermediate and advanced runs at the top. From the top, visitors can also head into the connected ski fields of Hakuba 47, which in combination with Goryu offers 24 ski runs.


Lower run areas are well-suited to beginners including absolute newbies, with English ski/snowboard school, childcare facilities and a range of services for international visitors. With night-skiing and terrain park also available, Hakuba Goryu is popular for many reasons.


Distance from Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal: 6km / 10-minute drive. For accommodation listings nearby the resort, please see our ‘Hakuba Goryu/47 Area’ hotel page.





08:00 to 17:00 / Night-skiing 18:00 to 21:30

Dependent on snow conditions, areas of the resort are typically open from late-November until early May, with the full resort usually open from mid-December until the start of April

Hakuba Goryu only day-pass: JPY5000 / joint Hakuba Goryu/47 day-pass: JPY5500

Approximately 100 to 110-minutes from the Jigokudani Monkey Park

From the Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal, the Hakuba shuttle bus takes around 35-miuntes to reach Goryu with taxis also available and notably faster, taking around 15 to 20-minutes


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