Fine-Dining 'Tempura' Course at Shunka

Fine-Dining 'Tempura' Course at Shunka

The lightly-battered and fried flavors of ‘tempura’ are a favorite with many visitors to Japan, and there is no better place to experience just how good it can be than at Shunka. Master chef Nakamura uses the best seafood and vegetables to prepare multi-dish menus, impressively prepared and cooked in front of diners.

Selecting the best seasonal ingredients, meals include 13 pieces with three set menus to choose from: ‘Ajisai’ (JPY20,000) / ‘Kinmokusei’ (JPY30,000) / ‘Himawari’ (JPY40,000) per person – with each price point reflective of the quality of ingredients used. Chef Nakamura will also suggest the best ‘sake’ to match your menu and ensure you experience one of your best food experiences while in Japan. Advance booking is required.

INFO (Japanese)

19:00 - 23:00


JPY20,000 - JPY40,000 pp

From Nagano Station: exit the station from the Zenko-ji Exit and take the bus heading for Zenko-ji Temple from bus stop No.1. Get off at the Patio Daimon bus stop and cross over the road to the Patio Daimon complex. The restaurant is located next to (slightly set back behind) the restaurant, Monzen Terrace Enya. Walk past the outdoor terrace/seating of Enya and you will see Shunka positioned directly to your right.

Reservation required (by E-mail)