Experience Togakushi Ninja House

Experience Togakushi Ninja House

Togakushi, or Togakure as it is often referred to by the ninja, is an old town hidden in the forest at the foot of Mt. Togakushi and is famous for the Togakushi Shrine and also for its 800 year old Togakure ninja history.


The Ninja House, right across the road from the Okusha Shrine, holds a lot of tools and weapons that were used by ninja over the centuries. You can see how the ninja adapted their ways of combat little by little due to the implementation of certain medicinal and technological advances. It also shows many photos as to how the tools were used in the old days by modern ninja who still practice the Togakure Ryu Ninpo up to this day.


Next to the exhibition they also have a ninja maze house with several rooms and corridors that each have hidden exits and entrances. You can go through the maze and find your way through this ninja house. It can take about 10 minutes to completely clear this two story house!


If you want to try throwing some shuriken (Ninja stars), then for 200 JPY you can throw 7 shuriken. If you are able to hit with 5 then you can win a little price.



9:00 - 17:00

(entrance closes at 16:30)

Late April to mid November

¥600 (Adult) ¥400 (Child)

From Nagano Station:Take the Zenko-ji Exit and get on the bus heading for Togakushi Campsite. Get off at the Okusha bus stop and you'll see the Ninja House on the right side of the street.


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