Daihonzan Eihei-ji Temple

Daihonzan Eihei-ji Temple

Founded in 1244 by the Buddhist scholar Dogen Zenji, Daihonzan Eihei-ji Temple is one of Japan’s most impressive temple complexes – comprising 70 structures connected by covered walkways.


Eihei-ji is one of two main temples of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism in Japan, functioning as a training monastery for more than two hundred resident monks and nuns.


Visitors to the temple will encounter a beautiful setting and serene atmosphere, as they are free to move around the complex once they have listened to a brief introduction and orientation in the reception hall. Notable buildings within the complex include the Sanmon Gate, Buddha Hall and the Hatto (Main Lecture Hall).


Daihonzan Eihei-ji is one of Central Japan’s most engaging and worthwhile destinations, which by itself, is reason enough to travel to Fukui. While it can be busy when large tour buses arrive, its relatively distant location prevents the congestion of the famous temples of Kyoto and other popular destinations, while the beautiful natural setting rewards visitors with a deep sense of peace and serenity.