Play With Cats At Cat Cafe NARU

Play With Cats At Cat Cafe NARU

If you visit Japan and are a cat lover, then going to a cat cafe will no doubt delight you. A cat cafe is a shop where people have a drink will playing and cuddling with the cats. Most tourists have heard of cat cafes, but actually seeing it in real life is most definitely worth your while.


Nagano City has its own cat cafe, called Cat Cafe Naru (ねこカフェなる). The cafe has a pleasant atmosphere with comfortable benches for the people and the cats to sit on. Some cats are playful and active, while others are shy and like to relax.


The cafe serves drinks like coffee, late macchiato, caramel or mocca macchiato, orange juice, vanilla milk and many more. It also has its own cat shape “dorayaki”, a Japanese confectionery.


Go now and enjoy some cat time!



Weekdays 11:00 - 18:00


Sat, Sun & National Holidays 11:00 - 19:00

Closed on Thursdays

¥800 entree fee plus 1 mandatory drink (students are ¥700)

From Nagano Station:Take the Zenko-ji Exit from Nagano Station and head on the Chuo-Dori Street. Walk towards the Zenko-ji Temple until you see a place called Petit Claude on your right. Go into the street next to Petit Claude and walk straight until you get to Rainbow Caffe. Take the stairs to the third floor and you will find Naru.

〒3800835 長野県長野市新田町1464-3 しまんりょビル3F