Castle Town Secrets & Traditional Gastronomic Lunch Tour

Castle Town Secrets & Traditional Gastronomic Lunch Tour

People in Japan sometimes say, ‘There are two types of towns here. Temple towns and castle towns’. Matsumoto is very much a castle town; a historic city boasting one of Japan’s best preserved castles, a proud samurai and merchant heritage, a rich food culture and like all old cities, lots of secrets.


Starting from Matsumoto’s historic Nakamachi Street, your guide will introduce to the story of the city; a story told in the traditional buildings of Nakamachi including an old ‘sake’ brewery and surrounding ‘kura’ warehouses. Along the way you’ll stop for a ‘sake’ tasting before heading to lunch where you’ll be indulged in Matsumoto’s enticing food culture.

Using local ingredients and traditional methods, the gourmet menu is designed reveal flavours of Matsumoto, while you enjoy the surroundings of the historic building and adjoining garden (vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free requirements can be catered to).

After lunch it’s onto the castle. As a National Treasure and one of Japan’s best-preserved Edo Period fortifications, Matsumoto Castle is the iconic centre of the city, the very heart around which it grew. Your guide will take you through the history and legends of the castle, while revealing just how far the original complex used to sprawl. In doing so you’ll discover the secret history, true character of Matsumoto and hidden stories of this beautiful city.

Available upon on request at all times of year, tours are typically conducted between 10:00 until 15:00, with the booking office open from 08:00 to 18:00. Bookings can be made using the phone number and email listed above.



10:00 to 16:00

Available daily upon request (except Weds & Sun.)

JPY21,000 per person

The tour starts from Nakamachi Street, under 10 minutes walk from Matsumoto Station. Directions to the starting point will be provided at time of booking