Best Views of Mount Fuji

Best Views of Mount Fuji

Fuji is a beautiful and awe-inspiring sight. Given its tremendous size, it can be seen at great distance and from an endless array of angles meaning that there is no one place from which to view the mountain. However, many visitors to the area want that classic photo of Fuji, set against a reflective lake or behind a tranquil temple. In that regard, these are three of the best locations from where to view and photograph Mount Fuji:

1 / Kawaguchi Lake: as one of the ‘Fuji Five Lakes’, the huge expanse and shoreline of Kawaguchiko offers outstanding view of Fuji. For accommodation listings around Kawaguchiko, please refer to our ‘Kawaguchi Lake Onsen Area’, hotel page.

2 / Chureito Pagoda: located nearby Shiomyoshida Station, Chureito Padoga is part of Arakura Sengen Shrine. Accessed via a long staircase – around 400 steps – the view from the pagoda is beautiful, particularly in spring and autumn when framed by the blossoms and coloured leaves.

3 / Oshino Hakkai: is a reconstructed traditional village centred around eight naturally occurring ponds, fed by the snowmelt each spring. Bridges and paths lead between the ponds and past traditional thatch-roofed buildings – a beautiful setting from which to view Mount Fuji looming nearby.