Art & Craft Experiences in Azumino

Art & Craft Experiences in Azumino

Home to the eighteen galleries and museums of the Azumino ‘Art Line’, along with multiple venues dedicated to providing holistic and therapeutic workshops, Azumino is an ideal destination for visitors wanting to try their hand at a range of art and craft experiences.


Open to the public from April until November, La Casta Natural Healing Garden is operated by one of Japan’s most famous cosmetic and aroma brands. Starting with the extensive ‘healing garden’, La Casta is a refuge from the worries of daily life with the garden designed to alleviate stress and promote harmony and health. While at La Casta, visitors have the option of mixing their own fragrance in workshops led by staff – a truly relaxing and enjoyable activity for guests of all ages.


Also located in Azumino, the Tensan Silk Museum is dedicated to revitalising the region’s traditional silk industry. For generations, ‘tensan’ silk has been highly-prized for its subtle beauty and distinctive green-yellow colouring. Visitors to the museum can try their hand at weaving on traditional looms while learning about this beautiful, re-emerging industry.


As one of the principal museums along the Azumino ‘Art Line’, the Rokuzan Art Museum is dedicated to the life and work of acclaimed sculptor, Rokuzan Ogiwara. An artist of extraordinary talent, Rokuzan was one of Japan’s most influential sculptors, with several exhibition spaces at the museum displays his art and collections of artists he influenced.

Visitors who want to try their hand at the basics of sculpture can do so in a simple but enjoyable workshop in which they can cast their own pewter keepsakes. Workshops are led by museum staff who provide guests with a choice of items to cast including a replica of the Rokuzan Art Museum, an apple – a fruit synonymous with the region, or other keepsakes.


Located within easy walk of Hotaka Station, Rokuzan Art Museum is the ideal starting point for your art and craft experiences in Azumino.