Train & Bus Timetable From Matsumoto to Kamikochi

Train & Bus Timetable From Matsumoto to Kamikochi


The ALPICO Bus Company operates express bus services between Matsumoto and several major cities as well as the beautiful alpine valley of Kamikochi. Tickets for all buses can be purchased at the Matsumoto Bus Terminal in ALPICO PLAZA, right across from Matsumoto Station. Buses for Kamikochi depart from Bus Stop 8 inside the terminal.

NOTE that there are only two buses per day running directly from the Matsumoto Bus Terminal up to Kamikochi. Most daily connections to Kamikochi consist of a 30-minute train ride on the Matsumoto Dentetsu Line, operated by ALPICO, and switching to a Kamikochi-bound ALPICO bus at Shin-Shimashima Station at the end of the train line. (Rest assured, the process is smooth and easy!)

For full details regarding how to use the train and bus services, please refer to our ‘Train & Bus from Matsumoto to Kamikochi’ page.

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Train & Bus Timetable From Matsumoto to Kamikochi

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From Matsumoto to Kamikochi:

The two buses running directly from the Matsumoto Bus Terminal to Kamikochi (R = Reserved) require reservations. Tickets are available at the Bus Terminal ticket counter (open at 5:15am) or online. Buses for Kamikochi depart from Bus Stop 8, inside the terminal building.

All other departures to Kamikochi are by train, on Alpico’s Matsumoto Dentetsu Line. This private line (JR Pass not valid) departs from Matsumoto Station‘s Track 7 and arrives at the Shin-Shimashima Station terminus in 30 minutes. From there Alpico operates bus services up to Kamikochi.

Neither the Dentetsu Line trains nor the buses from Shin-Shimashima are by reservation. Since Kamikochi is a popular destination it can get mighty crowded in summer, but Alpico has extra buses on stand-by for the crowds so there is little worry you won’t be able to grab a seat.


NOTE that a few buses run to Norikura instead of Kamikochi. If you are going to Kamikochi you can still take these buses, but you’ll need to transfer at the Sawando Bus Terminal.

You also have the option (if you have access to a car) of driving to the Sawando Bus Terminal area and taking a bus into Kamikochi from there.

BONUS TIP: Taking the 10:10 train from Matsumoto Station connects you to the 10:50 bus out of Shin-Shimashima. However, this is the same reservation-only bus departing the Matsumoto Bus Terminal at 10:15. If the reserved bus is full the good folks at ALPICO with summon up another bus to accommodate the passengers boarding at Shin-Shimashima. But it may be easier to simply reserve a seat on the 10:15 bus out of the terminal and skip the train altogether.

From Kamikochi to Matsumoto:

All buses departing the Kamikochi Bus Terminal are reservation-only. Reservations can be made at the Kamikochi Bus Terminal ticket window (up to fifteen minutes before departure) or online.

All Matsumoto-bound buses out of Kamikochi go as far as Shin-Shimashima Station. Trains generally depart for Matsumoto Station fifteen to twenty minutes after the bus arrives. Tickets bought at the Kamikochi Bus Terminal will get you all the way back to Matsumoto Station.


Buses bound for Shin-Shimashima/Matsumoto depart from Bus Stop 4 of the Kamikochi Bus Terminal.


How you purchase your ticket to Kamikochi depends on how you are getting there.

(1) For the reserved bus direct from the Matsumoto Bus Terminal to Kamikochi you can purchase your ticket online or at the ticket counter in the Alpico Plaza Matsumoto Bus Terminal. You can pay with cash or credit card.

(2) If you are taking the Matsumoto Dentetsu Line train to Shin-Shimashima and then catching a bus to Kamikochi you can purchase your tickets with cash or credit card at the Matsumoto Bus Terminal ticket counter or via the blue ticket machine in Matsumoto Station (cash only). To purchase your ticket from the machine, touch the English box near the top right of the screen, tap the Norikura-Shirahone-Kamikochi box near the bottom left, then among the boxes in the center of the screen hit Kamikochi and insert your money.

(3) Tickets for all buses departing Kamikochi can be purchased at the Kamikochi Bus Terminal ticket counter (cash or credit) or online.

**If you are driving to the Sawando Bus Terminal and taking the bus from there you can purchase your ticket at the Sawando Bus Terminal ticket window (cash or credit).



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A visit to Kamikochi makes for an unforgettable chapter in the story of your visit to Japan. Sitting in its alpine perch right between the alluring twin cities of Matsumoto and Takayama, Kamikochi is also easy to fit into your overall adventure. Most visitors make a day trip out of it – and are plenty happy they did. But there are several ways and many reasons to spend a little more time here on the roof of Japan. Check out our ’15 Things To Do Around Kamikochi & Where To Stay’ page and see how much time you’ll want to set aside to satisfy your personal mountain exploration appetite.


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