Tateyama Station

Tateyama Station


Tateyama Station is a small but busy station and terminus of the Toyama Chiho Railway Tateyama Line. As such, Tateyama Station is one of two starting points for ascending the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route – the other being Ogizawa Station on the Nagano-side of the mountain range.


From Tateyama Station, visitors can take the trolley car to Bijodaira Station and then transfer to coaches headed for Murodo Station and the summit of the Alpine Route – see below for details.


Located around the station, a number of restaurants, cafes and guesthouses service the large number of visitors moving to and from the station. Inside the station, a restaurant and large souvenir shop is also available.

Toyama Chiho Railway Tateyama Line


Running from Dentetsu Toyama Station to Tateyama Station, the Toyama Chiho Railway Tateyama Line takes includes the following stops:

Dentetsu Toyama / Inarimachi / Shinjo-Tanaka / Higashi-Shinjo / Etchu-Ebara / Etchu-Sango / Etchu-Funahashi / Terada* / Chigozuka / Tazoe / Gohyakkoku / Enokimachi / Shitadan / Kamagauchi / Sawanakayama / Iwakuraji / Yokoe / Chigaki / Arimineguchi / Hongu / Tateyama


*Some services require passengers to transfer at Terada Station.


The journey takes between 65 to 75 minutes and costs JPY1230-1340 one-way (depending on which service you choose to use). We recommend using direct services bound for Tateyama, requiring no transfer.

Transferring to the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route


It really is simple. Tateyama is a small station and once inside, you will immediately see ticket windows for the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route and directions where to line-up while waiting for the trolley car.


The trolley car will take you as far as Bijodaira where you can transfer to coaches headed to Murodo Station and the summit of Mt Tate. From Murodo, visitor have the option of returning the way they came and back to Tateyama Station or descending the Nagano-side of the mountain range to Ogizawa Station. Make sure to buy the correct ticket for you intended routes up and down.


Please note, the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route is only open from mid-April until late-November. While always popular, it can be extremely busy open opening in April and into Golden Week along with weekends and public holidays.

Experience the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route


Heralded as one of Japan’s best experiences, traversing the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route takes approximately 6 hours without allowing for time to stop and enjoy all of its stunning sights. In reality, undertaking a visit to the Alpine Route is therefore a full-day activity.


Visitors can start from Toyama via Tateyama Station or Nagano via Ogizawa Station, and choose to finish on the other side or return to their point of origin. A series of mountain transports including trolley buses, cable cars, a ropeway, and coaches transport visitors to and from Murodo Station – which at 2540 meters is the highest station in Japan.


Open from mid-April to mid-November, the Alpine Route is most famous for its immense snow walls which, at their peak, ascend 20 meters above the road below. The walls are at their best from the opening day in April until late-June, after which outstanding hiking is available through summer and autumn, climaxing with stunning autumn colours in October until the route closes again in November.

Bus services to/from Tateyama Station


Visitors wanting to witness Japan’s tallest waterfall, Shomyo Falls, can do so directly from Tateyama with multiple daily services running to and from the station. The bus takes only 15 minutes to reach the Shomyo-daki Bus Stop, from where visitors must walk 30 minutes onto the the fall. A one-way fare costs JYP500 per adult and JPY250 per child. Buses depart the station at:

Return buses departs Shomyo-daki at:

It should be noted that Shomyo Falls can be seen on the bus ride from Bijodaira as you ascend toward Murodo Station. Buses typically pull to the side of the road to allow passengers to see the falls, however the view is distant and can be obstructed by weather, position on the bus, etc. Should you wish to see the fall up close, the best option is to use the sightseeing bus from Tateyama Station.

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