Limited Express Shinano Line Timetable

Limited Express Shinano Line Timetable

The Limited Express Wid View Shinano operates daily services from Nagano Station and Nagoya Station. As such, it connects two of Central Japan’s major cities and travel hubs. Also stopping at Matsumoto, Kiso-Fukushima and Nakatsugawa, the line transports visitors to some of the region’s most enjoyable destinations including Matsumoto Castle and the Nakasendo Trail (see below).

The Wide View Shinano stops at the following stations*:

NaganoShinonoi – Hijiri-Kogen – Akashina – MatsumotoShiojiriKiso-Fukushima – Agematsu – Nagiso – Nakatsugawa – Ena – Taijimi Chikusa – Kanayama – Nagoya


*Please note, stations marked in bold / red on the map are stops on all services. Those not marked in bold are only serviced by certain services throughout the day.

The train takes its name for the large-windowed carriages which afford fantastic views of the passing landscape – particularly beautiful as the line follows the Kiso Valley. Taking approximately 3 hours to run between Nagano and Nagoya, the journey is very enjoyable in its own right.The schedules below operate daily however please note, if you are intending to use another service on the Shinano Line i.e. non-express or local services, schedules vary from weekdays to weekends and are notably slower.

All services on the Shinano Line are covered by the Japan Rail (JR) Pass.


Timetable from Nagano to Nagoya


Multiple services run from Nagano to Nagoya every day. The earliest service departs Nagano Station at 06:09 and stops at Matsumoto at 07:04, Kiso-Fukushima at 07:43, Nakatsugawa at 08:22 and other stations before arriving at Nagoya Station at 09:17.

The latest service departs Nagano Station at 19:40 and stops at Matsumoto at 20:31, Kiso-Fukushima at 21:08, Nakatsugawa at 21:44 and other stations before arriving at Nagoya Station at 22:34.


Timetable from Nagoya to Nagano

The earliest service departs Nagoya Station at 07:00 and stops at Nakatsugawa at 07:49, Kiso-Fukushima at 08:29, Matsumoto at 09:09 and other stations before arriving at Nagano Station at 10:03.

The latest service departs Nagoya Station at 19:40 and stops at Nakatsugawa at 20:32, Kiso-Fukushima at 21:10, Matsumoto at 21:49 and other stations before arriving at Nagano Station at 22:39.


Recommended destinations accessible using the Shinano Line

The Shinano Line transports visitors to some of Central Japan’s most unique and enjoyable destinations. Running to and from Nagano Station, the line opens-up the attractions of northern Nagano Prefecture including the Jigokudani Monkey Park and Japan’s largest ski resort, Shiga Kogen.

At their most popular in winter, both destinations are equally attractive through spring, summer and autumn – including Shiga Kogen, which in green season offers fantastic hiking and nature photography.

Lying just outside Nagano City, Togakushi is home to some of Japan’s most important Shinto shrines, beautiful forests and some of Japan’s best ‘s0ba’ (buckwheat noodles).

Nagano City itself is home to one of Japan’s oldest Buddhist temples, Zenko-ji. Housing the first known Buddhist statue to be brought to Japan, the temple is a registered National Treasure and spiritual heart of the region.

Zenko-ji temple in Nagano city

All Wide-view Shinano services stop at Matsumoto, home of one of Japan’s last remaining castles and perfect starting point from where you can explore this charming city.

From there, visitors can make the journey into the North Japan Alps and the stunning alpine valley of Kamikochi. Inaccessible through winter due to massive amounts of snow, the valley is open to the public from April until November.

From Kamikochi, you can head-onto the historic old town of Takayama along with the World Heritage-listed villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama.

All services stop at Kiso-Fukushima and Nakatsuagawa – gateways to the Nakasendo Trail and beautiful Kiso Valley. This region is quickly emerging as one of the most attractive destinations for international visitors and one that is readily accessible using the Shinano Line.