Limited Express Kaiji (Shinjuku–Otsuki–Kofu)

Limited Express Kaiji (Shinjuku–Otsuki–Kofu)


Running from Shinjuku Station to Kofu Station, the Limited Express Kaiji service operates on the Chuo Main Line between Shinjuku Station and Kofu Station. As such, the Limited Express Kaiji connects with the Fujikyu Railway Line at Otsuki Station, from where visitors can head to the Mount Fuji area. On this page you will find the following information:

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The Chuo Main Line is a primary route to head to and from Central Japan, allowing visitors to head to Mount Fuji before moving onto destinations including Matsumoto and beyond. The Kaiji is one of two convenient services running along the Chuo Main Line. The Limited Express Kaiji runs from Shinjuku to Kofu, including a stop at Otsuki Station. At Otsuki, passengers can transfer to the Fujikyu Railway Line bound for Mount Fuji – see below for details. The other service, the Limited Express Azusa runs from Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto, Station – one of the primary transport routes into the heart of Central Japan. Passengers can also transfer to this service at stations including Kofu and Hachioji.



Most Limited Express Kaiji services run to and from Shinjuku Station and Kofu Station however it should be noted that a couple of services each day start from Tokyo Station and continue onto Ryuo Station in Yamanashi Prefecture.

All Kaiji services stop at the following stations: Shinjuku / Tachikawa / Hachioji / Otsuki / Kofu*


*Please note, all listed stations – marked in red on the map – are stops on all services.

For many if not most international visitors, the Limited Express Kaiji service will be used to reach Otsuki Station from the capital, from where, visitors can transfer to the Fujikyu Railway Line headed toward the Mount Fuji area. It takes between 85 to 105 minutes (depending on which service you choose) to cover the journey from Shinjuku Station to the final stop at Kofu Station. To reach Otsuki Station, takes between 55 to 65 minutes and costs JPY2360. The Limited Express Kaiji is covered by the full Japan Rail (JR) Pass.



Running from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station, the Limited Express Kaiji allows visitors to connect to the Fujikyu Railway and stations nearby Mount Fuji. As Japan’s tallest mountain, Fuji is iconic and draws countless visitors each year. Some come to climb it while many others come just to see it, with outstanding views of Fuji available from Kawaguchiko (Kawaguchi Lake), Chureito Pagoda and Oshino Hakkai.


Visitors looking to venture onto the mountain should head to either Mt. Fuji (Fujisan) Station or Kawaguchiko Station, from where buses run to stations on Mount Fuji including the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station – the most popular place from where to ascend Fuji on the Yoshida Trail.


Fujikyu-Highland Station provides direct access to Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. Known for its fantastic rollercoasters and numerous other rides, Fuji-Q is always popular. Around Kawaguchiko, visitors are spoiled for choice with many excellent hotels and guesthouses affording amazing views of the mountain.


For further information about the attractions and activities around the mountain, please refer to our ’30 Things To Do Around Mount Fuji & Where to Stay’ page.



The Limited Express Kaiji is just one part of Japan’s fantastic rail network. Unfathomable in its size and efficiency, moving around the country by train is easy and comfortable opening-up all regions of Japan for exploration. Our ‘Plan Your Visit’ page has everything you need to know about visiting Japan – from tips on the best time to travel, times to avoid, entering and exiting the country, money matters, staying connected, accommodation, staying safe and healthy and plenty more to ensure that you get the most out of your time here.

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