Limited Express Hida Timetable

Limited Express Hida Timetable


The Limited Express Hida operates from Nagoya Station to Takayama Station with some services continuing onto or starting from Toyama Station. On this page you will find the following information:

Timetable from Nagoya to Takyama & Toyama

Timetable from Toyama & Takayama to Nagoya

Limited Express Hida Line Map

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For visitors headed to Takayama and the nearby World Heritage-listed villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, the Limited Express Hida will be your most convenient transport option. For more information including the destinations you can access by using the line, see our ‘Limited Express Hida’ main page.



Multiple services run from Nagoya each day with some terminating in Takayama while others continue on to Toyama. The earliest service departs Nagoya Station at 07:43 and stops at Gero at 09:27 and other stations before terminating at Takayama Station at 10:16.

The earliest service to go onto Toyama departs Nagoya Station at 08:43 and stops at Gero at 10:15, Takayama at 10:58 (departing 11:03) and other stations before arriving at Toyama Station at 12:32. The latest service to go onto Toyama departs Nagoya Station at 14:48 and stops at Gero at 16:29, Takayama at 17:13 (departing 17:18) and other stations before arriving at Toyama Station at 18:54. There are several services after that time that only go as far as Takayama. The latest service departs Nagoya Station at 20:17 and stops at Gero at 22:03 and other stations before terminating at Takayama Station at 22:49.



The earliest service departs Takayama Station at 06:46 and stops at Gero at 07:31 and other stations before arriving at Nagoya Station at 09:12.

The earliest service from Toyama Station departs at 07:58 and stops at Takayama at 09:28 (departing at 09:36), Gero at 10:26 and other stations before arriving at Nagoya Station at 12:04.

The last service of the day runs all the way from Toyama to Nagoya, departing Toyama Station at 17:14 and stopping at Takayama at 18:41 (departing 18:48), Gero at 19:30 and other stations before arriving at Nagoya Station at 21:03.



Running from Nagoya Station to Takayama Station and onto Toyama Station – the Limited Express Hida – and includes the following stops:

Nagoya – Owari-Ichinomiya – Gifu – Unuma – Mino-Ota – Shirakawaguchi – Hida-Kanayama – Gero – Hida-Hagiwara – Kuguno – Takayama – Hida-Furukawa* – Inotani* – Etchu-Yatsuo* – Hayahoshi* – Toyama*


*These stations are only stops on services to and from Toyama Station. Most services start and finish at Takayama Station so if you are intending to board or disembark at one of these stations make sure to check the specific service includes a stop at your preferred station.



The Limited Express Hida is just one part of Japan’s fantastic rail network. Unfathomable in its size and efficiency, moving around the country by train is easy and comfortable opening-up all regions of Japan for exploration. Our ‘Plan Your Visit’ page has everything you need to know about visiting Japan – from tips on the best time to travel, times to avoid, entering and exiting the country, money matters, staying connected, accommodation, staying safe and healthy and plenty more to ensure that you get the most out of your time here.


Complement your journey on the Limited Express Hida with our Group and Private Tours. Ideal for travelers between Nagoya, Takayama, and Toyama, these tours enrich your experience with expert insights into the region’s culture and landscapes. Choose from a shared group adventure or a personalized private exploration. Explore our diverse tour options below to find the perfect addition to your itinerary.

1-Day Tour from Takayama: Explore Scenic Old Japan in Takayama and Shirakawa-go
Experience our most popular tour in Takayama and embark on a journey through the heart of traditional Japan. Immerse yourself in a blend of history and nature. Witness Takayama’s timeless streets and Shirakawa-go’s iconic thatched roofs, a scene straight out of a Japanese folktale. This tour offers a glimpse into the heart of traditional Japan, enriched with cultural depth and scenic beauty.

1-Day Tour from Takayama: Hida’s Hidden Gems – Caves, Bears, and the Shinhotaka Ropeway
Adventure awaits in the mysterious caves and rugged landscapes of Hida. Encounter the region’s wildlife, including majestic bears, and ascend the Shinhotaka Ropeway for awe-inspiring alpine views. This tour is a journey through Hida’s natural wonders, revealing its untamed beauty and secrets

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Explore Takayama and beyond with our ‘Private Takayama & Shirakawa-go Tour’ from either Takayama or Kanazawa. This private tour offers a pre-planned itinerary, showcasing the best of the region. You’ll enjoy the exclusivity and convenience of a private guide and vehicle, ensuring a comfortable and insightful journey through Takayama’s cultural landmarks and the picturesque Shirakawa-go.

Also, you can discover Takayama your way with our Charter Service. Design your own itinerary or let us create one suited to your interests. Enjoy the flexibility and comfort of a private vehicle guided by local expertise, ensuring a personalized exploration of Takayama’s unique charms.

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