Express Bus From Takayama to Shirakawa-go / Kanazawa

Express Bus From Takayama to Shirakawa-go / Kanazawa

The Nohi Bus Company is the go-to bus operator in Takayama City, connecting visitors to major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya as well as the region’s most popular destination, Shirakawa-go. Nohi also operates many of the local buses covering Takayama City and the surrounding area.

Nohi operates comfortable express coaches complete with spacious luggage storage. Your journey to Shirakawago, and just about anywhere else, starts at the bus terminal right next to Takayama Station.

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Operating all year round, the Shirakawa-go Express Bus operates to and from the Takayama Nohi Bus Center, right next to Takayama Station.

Takayama Nohi Bus Center

The bus departs from Bus Stop No.4.

Finding the Takayama Nohi Bus Center could not be any easier. Exit Takayama Station via the East Exit and look to your left. The Bus Center is right there.

Buses bound for Shirakawago depart the Takayama Nohi Bus Center a dozen or more times daily. Note that about half require reservations. The same applies to buses returning to Takayama.

Since Shirakawago lies smack in between the cities of Takayama and Kanazawa, some buses from Takayama continue on from Shirakawa-go and run all the way to Kanazawa (and vice versa). This means you have the option of making Shirakawa-go a back-and-forth day trip from either Takayama or Kanazawa, or you can leave Takayama in the morning, visit Shirakawa-go, and continue on to Kanazawa (or again, vice versa). Just be sure your bus is heading to Shirakawa-go, because not all do!




The bus fare from Takayama is JPY2,600 per adult to Shirakawa-go and JPY4,000 per adult to Kanazawa.

Be aware that if you are planning to visit Shirakawa-go and then continue on to your next destination you must buy two separate tickets.

Also note that with several bus companies operating out of the area’s various cities, your chosen bus may not be run by the Nohi Bus Company.

For the current timetable for the Takayama-Shirakawago-Kanazawa express buses as well as a few other area routes. Please see our ‘ Shirakawa-go Express Bus Timetable’ page.


There are two ways to purchase bus tickets:

(1) At the ticket counter inside the Takayama Nohi Bus Center. You can pay with cash or credit card. Foreign currency exchange machine is also available.

(2) For buses requiring reservations, tickets are available online. As Shirakawa-go is an extremely popular destination, reserving your seat is highly recommended. Note that you will receive your e-ticket via your smartphone, but as of this writing you must print it out and hand it to the bus driver or attendant when you board.


The villages of Ogimachi, Suganuma and Ainokura – collectively known as Shirakawa-go – are like nothing else in Japan. Ogimachi is the largest and most popular of the three, but they all leave a deep and lasting impression. To get the most out of your trip to Shirakawa-go check out our ’15 Things To Do Around Shirakawa-go & Where To Stay’ page.


Takayama isn’t just a place that happens to be close to Shirakawa-go. With a compact and eminently walkable city center, Takayama’s singular charm makes this town a top-notch destination. The Miyagawa Morning Market, the beautifully-preserved Sannomachi District, and the Takayama Jinya, the only regional administrative building that remains from Japan’s Edo Era, are just the beginning of the wealth of treasures Takayama holds. Check out our ’25 Things to Do Around Takayama & Where to Stay’ page and find the perfect way to spend your time in this alluring mountain town.

Want to see the old-town of Takayama for yourself?

Based in Central Japan and operating all-year-round, we offer a highly entertaining group-tour of Takayama and Shirakawa-go that is sure to please. All tours are led by locally-based guides and combine a visit to several places-of-interest in Takayama with a walk around the quintessentially Japanese town of Shirakawa-go. Our tours are fun, interactive and family-friendly. For more information, or to book a tour, click on the banner or button below.

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