Photoblog: Jigokudani Monkey Park in March 2021
  • Photoblog: Jigokudani Monkey Park in March 2021

    March has flown-by and here we are in the final week of the month and time for our monthly photoblog! The first thing to say is that winter has well and truly finished at the park. Temperatures in March jumped-up quickly and the snow is melting quickly.


    It was a great winter here in Nagano. We had lots of very good early snow in December followed by regular, heavy dumps through January and February to keep the monkey park and ski resorts topped-up and looking good. But as often is the way, if comes early it also stops early and once we headed into March, snowfall more or less stopped as the temperature increased quickly.


    As always, the monkeys seem very content in the warmer weather. The melting snow has exposed vegetation for them to snack on and it won’t be long before the new growth of spring is supplying them with some tasty snacks.


    The warmer weather also makes the monkeys more active with the younger ones seeming to really relish the return of some warmth. The older monkeys also seem happy but are more likely to enjoy dozing in the sun rather than expend too much energy.


    At this time of the year, visitor numbers at the park are always low making it a great time to visit. The warmer days make it easier to enjoy an extended stay in the park and there’s lots of room to get some great photos of the monkeys. Pregnant through winter, expectant mothers are approaching term and we’ll see the emergence of this year’s babies sometime in the second-half of April through to June as we welcome in spring!


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