In response to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on travel and daily life in Japan, we have implemented a range of measures to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests and staff. We want our guests to enjoy all aspects of their service and recognise that the first step to achieving that is that you have peace of mind when booking our service, and that our charter service is clean and safe.


    As a registered tour and charter operator, we comply with all requirements required under Japan’s strict regulation including cooperating with audits of our operations at any time requested. In addition to this, we have implemented the following measures in all vehicles and with all staff in response to COVID-19:

    1 / All vehicles are cleaned regularly and thoroughly including before, during and after each charter


    The first step takes place long before you step foot into any of our vehicles. All of our vehicles are regularly and thoroughly cleaned including before each charter and during our service. Once each charter is done, each vehicles undergoes a thorough cleaning including sanitisation of all surfaces and an extended period of ventilation.

    2 / We take the temperature of your driver before and after every charter


    On the day of your charter, your driver has their temperature checked and condition assessed, including alcohol testing in compliance with Japanese regulations. A record is kept of the results and the same checks again take place following the charter to ensure that all drivers are in good health and an appropriate condition to drive.

    3 / We take your temperature at the start of the charter and provide hand-sanitiser in every vehicle


    Upon greeting our guests, the driver will then take the temperature of each person. We do so to ensure the health and safety of our drivers and instil confidence in all guests that they are not being exposed to risk by driving other groups. Hand-sanitiser is provided in each vehicle and we ask that guests use it regularly throughout their charter.

    4 / All vehicles are fitted with a heavy plastic shield separating you from the driver and your driver will wear a mask at all times


    Once you are inside any of our vehicles, you will notice a heavy plastic shield separating you from your driver. The shield has been fitted to minimise airflow between the driver and guests however still allows communicate from the front and the rear of the vehicle. During your charter, your driver will also wear a face mask at all times.

    5 / All vehicles are regularly ventilated before, during and after each charter


    Weather-permitting, our driver will leave some vehicle windows partially opened to ensure airflow and good ventilation. Should your charter include a stop, your driver will use the opportunity to open-up the vehicle to refresh the air inside. All vehicles are also thoroughly ventilated before and after each charter service. In implementing these measures for each charter, we hope you have peace of mind to book with us. Should you have any questions about the measures we are taking, please use the ‘Inquiry’ button below to contact us and discuss.