COVID-19 Update for Nagano, Japan: Monday 7th December 2020
  • COVID-19 Update for Nagano, Japan: Monday 7th December 2020


    Looking for information and updates about the impact of COVID-19 in Japan? Our ‘Clean Green & Healthy’ page includes a dedicated ‘COVID-19 Update’ page which we update each week or whenever major developments take place. That page has just been updated for Monday 7th December 2020.


    This section of our website includes the following pages:

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    2 / Traveling To/From Japan During COVID-19

    3 / Traveling Inside Japan During COVID-19

    4 / Healthcare & Assistance in Japan

    In addition, we also provide information about heading to our home region of Central Japan, recommended outdoor destinations, choosing your accommodation, tours and charters, and current deals on offer.

    As of December 7th 2020, Japan is reporting:

    Total recorded infections: 164,417

    Total recorded deaths: 2298

    Nagano Prefecture: 160 active cases (+20 cases in the past week)

    While travel remains restricted at this time, we hope the situation will soon improve and all of this information is of assistance in planning your next visit to Central Japan.

    Latest News:

    Nov 30 2020: as of today, nationals of China are eligible to travel to Japan under the ‘Business Track’, joining nationals of Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam. For further details, see our ‘Who Can Travel To Japan & What’s Required?’ page.

    Nov 26 2020: the government has signaled that if the nationwide spread of COVID-19 infections is not reduced in the coming three weeks, they will have no choice but to declare another ‘state of emergency’. While no official decision has been made, the announcement puts the country on notice that should the situation not improve, a state of emergency will be reintroduced to at least some regions. With the rate of COVID-19 infections increasing at a concerning rate in areas including Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido, should a state of emergency be reintroduced it will be the first time since May 25 2020. We will update this page should any further announcement be made.

    Nov 24 2020: news outlet Bloomberg has released a report into the countries which have handled COVID-19 most efficiently with the least disruption to daily life and their economies.  Ranking 53 countries with economies of over $200 billion on 10 metrics including the overall spread of the virus, mortality rate, the capacity of the health system and affect on the economy, the research ranked New Zealand first,  Japan second and Taiwan third – a notable achievement in a country of around 126 million, compared to New Zealand’s 5 million and Taiwan’s 24 million. The report cites Japan’s previous handling of tuberculosis outbreaks and existing facilities and contact tracing which have been effectively redeployed to tackle COVID-19. It also cites Japan’s high levels of social trust and general compliance of its people in following health advice regarding social distancing, general behaviour and use of personal protection equipment such as masks.

    For complete information regarding COVID-19 in Japan including a timeline of events, please see our ‘COVID-19 Update’ page.

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