Photoblog: Jigokudani Monkey Park in September 2020
  • Photoblog: Jigokudani Monkey Park in September 2020

    There’s no question, that autumn is now upon us and with that, we turn our attention to the coming winter. September has seen the temperature remain warm during the day but without the humidity of summer, and lovely cool afternoons and evenings.

    It’s a great time of visit the park as visitor numbers remain low but the monkeys – as always – are there in good numbers.

    Autumn is a time to plump-up. The monkeys spend a lot of their days eating their fill of food, including an abundance of wild fruit, nuts and berries in the forest, to gain weight for the winter (when food will be much harder to come by).


    Much like spring, the monkeys seem to relish in the pleasant temperature of autumn. For visitors heading to the park, the autumn light is excellent for photography with lots of space to enjoy the monkeys and capture some great shots.


    As our recent blog – #SNOWMONKEYRESORTSLOCAL: Nagano in Autumn – ‘Koyo’ Season Will Soon Be Here!’ – highlighted, the leaves of the forests are starting to turn and soon the landscape will be awash with a stunning mix of yellow, red, amber and brown.


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