Photoblog: Jigokudani Monkey Park in August 2020
  • Photoblog: Jigokudani Monkey Park in August 2020


    As summer heats-up we’d like to share some photos from a recent visit to the monkey park including lots and lots of babies!


    This year, mums in the troop have given birth to around forty babies – around twice the number typical usually expected. Mostly born from late-April until late-June, the babies are now reaching two to three months of age and finding their confidence exploring the park.


    With so many young scrambling about, it’s adorable to watch them from mini-squads as they run amok and explore their new world.


    There’s no particular reason that so many babies have been born this year. Females Japanese macaques typically give birth once every two years, and in this troop, every second year sees more babies born meaning that next year will almost certainly see lower numbers of little ones.


    For residents of Japan, visiting the monkey park over the next few months is a great way to enjoy the park while it is lush and there are few visitors.


    Nearby Enza Café is serving a great summer menu of burgers and more, with an extensive outdoor area and terrace the ideal spot to enjoy a meal and drink and escape the heat.


    For a comparison of previous years, please refer to our photoblogs for August 2019 and August 2018.


    This information is provided as part of our ‘Clean Green & Healthy’ campaign, allowing you to plan and book your future travel to Japan with peace of mind.


    We hope this information inspires you to plan your next trip to Nagano – with so many outdoor destinations and activities, Nagano and Central Japan offer the perfect getaway!

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