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#TRAVELTOMORROW: Clean Green & Healthy – Discover Central Japan
  • #TRAVELTOMORROW: Clean Green & Healthy – Discover Central Japan


    When researching and planning a visit to Japan, understanding the regions and which areas are nearby others, can be a little confusing – particularly for first-time visitors.


    While some names including Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagano will be immediately familiar to international visitors, many are not, making their use confusing when trying to get your head around the geography of Japan.


    Our ‘Discover Central Japan’ page breaks the country down by region including its 47 prefectures, 8 larger groupings and our suggestion of dividing the country into 5 easy to handle categories: East, West, North, South and Central Japan.


    Based in Nagano City, Central Japan is our home region and boasts the majority of Japan’s tallest mountains – offering world-class skiing and snowboarding in winter and an array of outdoor adventures in spring, summer and autumn.


    Central Japan is readily accessible from the major metropolises but in every other regard, is a world away from the hustle and hassle of the cities – a place where you can escape the crowds and get back to nature.


    As part of our ‘Clean Green & Healthy’ campaign and with one eye on a future return to travelling in Japan, this page introduces 10 things waiting to be discovered in Central Japan.


    As a region known for its pristine natural landscapes and outdoor activities, Central Japan offers escape and relaxation, faraway from the congestion, hassle and hum of the large cities, we hope to see you here again soon.

    Should you have any questions about visiting Central Japan, feel free to contact us.