#TRAVELTOMORROW: Clean Green & Healthy – When Can I Travel to Japan & is it Safe?
  • #TRAVELTOMORROW: Clean Green & Healthy – When Can I Travel to Japan & is it Safe?


    At the time of writing, entry to Japan is still banned for many foreign passport-holders. There is however conversation about how and when entry bans will be lifted with a strong focus on opening the country to tourism as soon as possible.

    With that in mind, we want to help you make an informed decision about any future travel to Japan.  As part of our ‘Clean Green & Healthy’ campaign, the following pages provide useful information about the situation in Japan and what to consider once the borders open.

    Our ‘COVID-19 Update’ page provides up-to-date information regarding coronavirus in Japan, the regions affected, reliable English language sources and a timeline of major events.

    Information included in our ‘Travelling to/from Japan during COVID-19’ page discusses entry to Japan, the possibility of quarantine and important things to consider prior to travelling.


    Our ‘Travelling inside Japan during COVID-19’ page discusses domestic travel restrictions, use of public transport, accommodation and travelling to Nagano and Central Japan including some recommended outdoor destinations.


    Finally, our ‘Health Care & Assistance in Japan’ page provides information about Japan’s health system, how to seek medical assistance, foreign language services, hospitals in Nagano and Central Japan and a list of foreign embassies.


    While an entry ban remains in place for many foreign passport-holders, the government has indicated its willingness to gradually open the border to international arrivals. We hope that those initial steps are quickly followed by an overall easing of restrictions and we can soon welcome back visitors from all over the world.

    Should you have any questions about visiting Central Japan, feel free to contact us.