Nagano Cherry Blossom Update: April 13th 2020
  • Nagano Cherry Blossom Update: April 13th 2020

    From everyone at Snow Monkey Resorts, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and with that, provide a quick cherry blossom update. Yesterday was lovely, sunny and warm spring day here in Nagano. A big blue sky was the perfect backdrop against which to enjoy and photograph the cherry blossoms which are now approaching full bloom.

    Known as ‘mankai’ in Japanese, full bloom is just one of the stages of the blossoms but without doubt, the one that people love the most! While Nagano is blessed with many fantastic spots for appreciating the blossoms, for visitors staying in Nagano City, Joyama Park is the best location for ‘hanami’ (flower-viewing).

    Popular with families, the park has a local and relaxed atmosphere, the perfect place to wander and sit with room to enjoy the blossoms without being crowded.

    The park is ringed by trees allowing visitors to wander without interruption under a canopy of white. Joyama is blessed with different varieties of blossom trees, so make sure to take your camera in order to snap some outstanding shots.

    Expect the park to come to full bloom from today or tomorrow onward. Areas at higher elevation surrounding the city should also come to full bloom over the next week, so make sure you wander and enjoy the bloom in the best way possible – by going local and searching-out those blossoms in secret spots and quiet corners.