Travelling in Japan: Coronavirus Update as of Mar-13 2020
  • Travelling in Japan: Coronavirus Update as of Mar-13 2020

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    As the coronavirus continues disrupt daily life around the world, many are wondering about its impact in Japan and their plans to travel to Nagano. As included in our previous blog, the following website provides regularly updated information regarding the coronavirus in Japan:



    Measures put in place by the Japanese government early appear to have had a positive impact and at this time, the spread of coronavirus in Japan seems to be slow. Nagano remains relatively unaffected with only 2 confirmed cases in the prefecture and none in Nagano City.


    For visitors travelling to Nagano or considering whether to make the journey, we continue to operate our tours. The Snow Monkey Park remains open and businesses including hotels, restaurants, and shops are operating as usual in Nagano City. For guests booking with us in April and May, most tours will have under 10 guests.


    We continue to monitor the situation in Nagano and will provide further updates as required. As always, the safety of our guests and staff is our first consideration. Should you have any concerns about booking a tour with us or travelling to Nagano, please feel free to contact us.