Snow Monkey Resorts Update for Oct-16 2019: Tours are Operating as Normal
  • Snow Monkey Resorts Update for Oct-16 2019: Tours are Operating as Normal

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    Given the recent impact of Typhoon Hagibis on Nagano Prefecture, we are receiving many enquiries about the availability of our tours, access to the Snow Monkey Park, and ability to travel to and from Nagano.

    As of tomorrow – Thursday 17th October – all of our tours will be operating as normal. If you have an existing booking or considering booking a tour with us, please be assured that all tours listed on our website are operating and can be booked with confidence. If a specific tour is affected, we will contact guests directly to advise them of the disruption and available options.

    The Snow Monkey Park is now open. Repairs are ongoing but the park is open to the public and we will be taking our tours there from tomorrow onward. Visitors to the park should be mindful of their safety as soil may still be unstable on sections of trail or in the park, and debris may be on the ground or in the trees. Park staff are however confident enough to re-open and allow access, so we hope you enjoy your visit!

    Finally, shinkansen/bullet train services from Tokyo to Nagano are now returning to normal. Some services may not yet be running but the shinkansen is operating between Tokyo and Nagano. Booking ahead of your time is the best way to confirm that the specific service you would like to use is operating and to avoid any delay given that some trains may be busier than usual.

    The impact of the typhoon on the region was quite severe. The damage is however localised to specific areas with central Nagano City largely unaffected. Businesses including hotels, restaurants, caf├ęs, shops and attractions are operating as normal.


    We hope to see you here soon!