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  • 2019.06.03



    As Nagano’s No.1 tour operator, Snow Monkey Resorts continues to welcome new and old friends into the region, as more and more people discover the seasonal beauty of Central Japan. There’s never a bad time to visit and always a good reason to stay!

    As we move into another lush green season, we are happy to announce a range of new group tours to destinations including the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route (pictued above), Kamikochi (pictured below), Takayama, Kiso Valley and the Nakasendo Trail and more!


    Along with our most established and popular tours including our 1-Day Snow Monkeys, Zenko-ji Temple & Sake Tour, all of our green season tours can be booked by themselves or in combination with other tours to create multiday itineraries.

    Bathing Baby Monkey in a Hot Spring

    Tours can be combined to match your needs and interests, creating multiday packages which capture the highlights and essence of the region as you move to and from your desired destinations. Whether you are starting, ending or passing through Nagano, we offer the flexibility needed to create your own itinerary and get the most out of your time in Central Japan.


    Tours nearby Nagano City


    Locally-based in Nagano, Snow Monkey Resorts operates all year round and continues to offer these well-established favorites to our guests…


    Named one of Japan’s Top 10 Experiences in 2019, our most popular tour – 1-Day Snow Monkeys, Zenko-ji Temple & Sake – operates every day through summer. Combining a visit to Nagano’s world-famous Snow Monkey Park with exploration of Zenko-ji Temple, along with lunch and sake tasting, this fun 1-day tour can be booked by itself or combined with the tours below to create 2 and 3-day schedules.


    Guests wanting to take it a little slower and indulge in one of the region’s best ‘ryokans’ (traditional hotel) can do just that with our 2-Day Snow Monkeys, Luxury Ryokan, Zenko-ji Temple & Sake Tour. Including accommodation at Senjukaku – renowned for its ‘kaiseki’ meal service and relaxing natural hot spring – this 2-day tour includes a visit to Zenko-ji and the Snow Monkey Park on Day 1, followed by a self-guided itinerary on Day 2. Also operating everyday through summer, take the time to unwind and experience the best of traditional Japanese service.


    Ready to explore a little further? Join one of our regional tours!


    We are very happy to announce the following new tours, as we continue to introduce this beautiful to many new and old friends…


    Located within easy reach of Nagano, Matsumoto is another popular regional destination – one best discovered on our new 1-Day Matsumoto Castle & Local Food Experience Tour. Operating every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this tour gets hands-on with a visit to Daio Wasabi Farm, soba-making and a tour of Kametaya Sake Brewery before exploring Matsumoto’s famous castle – one of the few remaining original castles in Japan and a registered National Treasure.


    This season we were happy to announce our first 1-Day Snow Walls of Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route Tour! Starting and ending at JR Nagano Station, this tour transports you high above – to the ‘Roof of Japan’! – and the iconic Snow Walls of Tateyama-Kurobe. Operating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until June 19th, this tour is already proving a hit with guests as they discover one of Japan’s most dramatic alpine landscapes!


    Running through the beautiful Kiso Valley, the Nakasendo Trail follows the Edo Period trade route which linked Tokyo to Kyoto and more recently is a popular walking course for both Japanese and international visitors. Starting and ending at JR Nagano Station, our 2-Day Historic Nakasendo Walking Tour includes one night’s accommodation in the post town of Magome and also operates every Monday and Thursday through the green season and into autumn.

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    Our 2-Day Snow Monkey Tour: Nagano To Takayama via Matsumoto start from Nagano City and end at “Little Kyoto in Hida” Takayama City. If you are looking for a thoroughly old and authentic traditional Japanese village, Takayama in Gifu Prefecture is a must visit. You will even get the time to visit one of the few original remaining castle, Matsumoto Castle also nicknamed the “Crow Castle”


    How do I combine tours to create a multiday package?


    Our tour schedule allows for numerous combinations and to get you started we’ve created these packages with more to come!


    Our 3-Day Snow Monkeys & Historic Nakasendo Walking Tour start and ends in Nagano City – every Sunday and Wednesday and includes a visit to Zenko-ji Temple and the Snow Monkey Park on Day 1 before following our Nakasendo walking tour schedule on Days 2 and 3. Including accommodation in Nagano City on Day 1 and Magome on Day 2, this new tour promises to be one of our most popular!


    More information will be uploaded to our website soon, including more multiday package tours, capturing the best of Central Japan.


    Can’t find the combined group tour you’re looking for? No problem! Just get in touch with us at, let us know what you’re after and we’ll get back to you!