• TOUR PICK-UP SERVICE POINTS IN NAGANO CITY (Dec 1 2017 to March 31 2018)

    *Please note that in 2019, this service has been extended to now be available all year round for guests joining us in Nagano City. Up-to-date information can be found at: 1-DAY SNOW MONKEYS, ZENKO-JI TEMPLE & SAKE TOUR: ALTERNATE PICKUP POINTS AVAILABLE IN NAGANO CITY!*

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    Make your reservations for this pick-up service at two designated locations!


    If you are staying in the Zenko-ji area or Hotel Kokusai 21 area of Nagano City, we can come and pick you up on the day of your tour!


    *Please note, reservations at least 5 days before the tour are required when wanting to get picked up.


    Designated Pick-up Points:


    While our main meeting point is still Nagano Station at 8:45, those staying further from the station area do not have to walk/drive as far as before. We will drive over to two designated locations in Nagano City, namely Patio Daimon Kuraniwa (close to Zenko-ji Temple) and Hotel Kokusai 21.


    Please see click on the below pictures for a detailed explanation of the meet-up place and the pick-up time:


    Pick-up Point ①: Patio Daimon/Zenko-ji Temple Area at 8:10

    Zenkoji Temple Pickup

    Accommodation close to pick-up point ① Patio Daimon Kuraniwa:

    Jizokan Matsuya Ryokan
    ・Shimizuya Ryokan
    ・Chuokan Shimizuya Ryokan
    ・Dot Hostel Nagano
    ・1166 Backpackers
    ・Buddhist Inns in Zenko-ji Temple (ie. Fuchinobo)



    Pick-up Point ②: Hotel Kokusai 21 Area at 8:20

    Hotel Hokusai 21 Pickup

    Accommodation close to pick-up point ② Hotel Hokusai 21 Area:

    Hotel Kokusai 21
    ・The Saihokukan Hotel



    Main Pick-up/Meeting Point


    The main pick-up is, as mentioned before, still at JR Nagano Station. Those coming by train or staying at a hotel close to the Station can come and meet with the guide at 8:45 at the Information Board across from the Shinkansen Exit at Nagano Station.


    *No reservation is required for the standard pick-up at JR Nagano Station.

    Nagano Sta Pickup

    Please see below for the hotels/hostels that should come to JR Nagano Station for the tour meet-up:


    Accommodation in Central Nagano City & around JR Nagano Station

    Metropolitan Hotel Nagano
    Nagano Tokyu REI Hotel
    Hotel SunRoute Nagano
    Hotel Nagano Avenue
    Hotel Mielparque Nagano
    Chisun Grand Hotel Nagano
    ・ Hotel JAL City Nagano
    ・ Comfort Hotel Nagano
    ・ Dormy Inn Nagano
    ・ Hotel New Nagano
    ・ Nagano Plaza Hotel
    ・ Moritomizu Backpackers
    ・ Toyoko Inn Nagano-Eki Zenkoji-Guchi
    ・ Hotel SunRoute Nagano Higashi Guchi



    Pick-up Reservations:


    If you stay close to one of the two before-mentioned pick-up points (①close to Zenko-ji Temple or ②close to Hotel Kokusai 21), you can make reservations to get picked up by putting your accommodation and your wish to get picked up in your tour reservation for Snow Monkey, Zenko-ji Temple & Sake or Snow Monkey & Snow Fun in Shiga Kogen (pick-up available from December 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018). From there, we will confirm as soon as possible!