Uruoikan: the Only Natural Onsen in Nagano City
  • Uruoikan: the Only Natural Onsen in Nagano City

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    Uruoikan is a hot spring facility in Nagano City. Located within walking distance of Nagano Station and positioned next to the Susobana River, Uruoikan is the only 100% natural onsen in the city offering visitors a choice of indoor and outdoor public baths, private onsen, restaurant and aesthetic treatments including massages, facials, steam treatments, and more!

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    Onsen is one of the most enjoyable experiences while visiting Nagano and the broader region of  Central Japan. Home to numerous hot springs and some of Japan’s most famous onsen towns, we highly recommend visiting any of the wonderful ‘Onsen In & Around Nagano’.

    Blessed with Two Onsen Sources

    The onsen facility has two main sources of thermal water that feed two style of baths. The water spilling into the outdoor bath is red-colored and salty, said to heal you from neuralgia, muscle pains, relieve you from fatigue,and  intestinal problems. The inside baths are made up of phosphorous, with clear, salty water. The water is said to have skin-clearing properties and helps against chronic women’s diseases, diabetes, and cuts.

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    As is standard, the onsen is segregated by gender. Two outdoor onsen – called Shiroiwa no Yu and Ryusen no Yu – have different facilities attached to them and are rotated for use, allowing men and women to enjoy them on different days of the week.

    Shiroiwa no Yu has a Korean-style sauna, a waterfall that streams down ones back, a whirlpool, and a mist sauna. The Shiroiwa no Yu baths are open to men and women on different days:

    • Men: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, every second and fourth Sunday
    • Women: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, every first, third, and fifth Sunday

    Ryusen no Yu has a high-temperature sauna, a onsen with lying facilities,  a waterfall that streams down ones back, a Korean-style sauna (for which you need a gown to wear, available against extra fee).

    The Ryusen no Yu baths are open to men and women on different days:

    • Men: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, every first, third, and fifth Sunday
    • Women: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, every second and fourth Sunday

    If you prefer a little privacy or you if you have a tattoo that cannot be covered up by the tattoo seal, you have the option of booking Uruoikan’s private onsen. Use of the private indoor onsen for 60 minutes costs JPY1500 and is available from 10:30 and 23:00. To avoid being disappointed, it’s a good idea to have your accommodation to call ahead and book it for you.

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    Uruoikan is open in the morning from 6:00 to 9:00 and again from 10:00 and 23:00. The prices for adults differ depending on when you are visiting however for adults, expect to pay around JPY700. Please refer to the onsen’s website for full details.

    Uruoikan has a restaurant on the second floor, open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. The restaurant overlooks the river and cliffs and offers Japanese favourites including ramen, soba and katsu curry. A small cafeteria and bakery are on the first floor, also serving coffee and ice cream. The cafeteria is open from 7:00 to 22:00.

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    For international visitors, using an onsen can be intimidating on their first visit. Rest assured it’s nothing to worry about. While there is certainly an onsen etiquette, it is not as strict as many imagine rather just a few basic rules to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of guests and maintain the cleanliness of the hot spring. Our ‘How to use an Onsen: Do’s & Dont’s‘ page provides information and simple tips to assist with your visit.

    Please note, Uruoikan does not allow guests with tattoos to use the public baths. Guests can however book the private onsen if they choose. Our ‘Find a Tattoo-friendly Onsen in Nagano‘ page provides some useful information for guests with tattoos.

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    Uruoikan is within walking distance of JR Nagano Station – approximately 20 to 25 minutes – or 10 minutes from Hotel Kokusai 21. 

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    A free shuttle bus also operates from in front of Hotel Metropolitan every morning at 10:05, 11:05 and 12:05 along with afternoons at 15:05, 16:05 and 17:05. A taxi from JR Nagano Station to Uruoikan takes approximately 7 mins and costs approx JPY1500 one-way.