Even though this region is called the Snow Monkey area, we have more than six months without snow. Our Spring, Summer, and Autumn all have their own attractions. In this article we will expand on the things to do in the Green Season, especially summer season.


    Japan’s summer is quite warm. Tokyo is frustratingly hot with people trying to escape to air-conditioned rooms all the time. Yamanouchi (also called the Snow Monkey Town) however, is in the middle of the mountains and has the milder temperature associated with high altitude areas. For those looking to sniffing up fresh mountain and experiencing rural Japan, a visit to this region can be a good thing on your Japan travel wishlist.


    Hiking/Nature Experience:

    Hiking Shiga-kogen Highlands

    When going to the Snow Monkey area, there are several places that are worth seeing. If you love the mountain scenery we would like to recommend going up to Shiga Kogen. The mountainous area is a national reserve and looks out over the entire Yamanouchi area with the Northern Alps on the background. There is good hiking to be done in this area like a walk around Lake Onuma.

    Fruit Picking:

    Red apple orchard

    This area is famous for its fruits, with in particular apples, grapes and peaches. The price for fruit in Japan is generally quite expensive but this region has so many fruit trees that fruit picking is a very popular activity. The fruit in season is the one you can pick for a certain price for a certain period of time at some of the local farms. One of the best places to pick fruit is found in Obuse. If you want to be taken on a full day to to the Snow Monkey and to fruit picking than the below stated tour is right up your street.

    1-Day Snow Monkey, Fruits Picking and Obuse Town Visit


    Walking around the Yamanouchi Area:

    shibu stairs

    If you love walking than there is a nice route to follow from Kanbayashi Onsen, the place where the trail to the Snow Monkey Park starts (this route is also nice to cycle). When you come down from the Park, stroll back down, past Enza Cafe and stay to the right. If you stay to the right you will eventually see a shrine on your right-hand side. Get in the street parallel to the shrine and walk down. You will see Tamamura Honten, a local sake brewery that also produces craft beer, where you can try sake samples and see some of the inside of the brewery.

    Tamamura honten sake gallery

    If you keep heading down and staying to your right you will eventually go down to the river where you cross the red bridge and arrive at Shibu Onsen. This town has a 1300 year long history with people visiting the 9 hot springs of Shibu. If you stay in this town you can visit all 9 baths like many people have before you. If you don’t stay in the area you can visit just one onsen called O-yu. You can walk from here to the Peace Kannon and ring the bell for world peace. Yudanaka Station is 15 minutes from the temple.

    shibu street

    World peace kannon, Yudanaka

    Come to Northern Nagano to enjoy the countryside of Japan!