• 1. Snow Monkey Park

    Snow Monkey Park

    Located near the base of the Joshinestu Kogen National Park, the Jigokudani Yaen Koen (otherwise known as the Snow Monkey Park) is home to a very special troop of monkeys. Created in 1964, the park was established as a conservation area in which the monkeys - ...

  • 2. Yudanaka & Shibu Onsen

    Yudanaka & Shibu Onsen

    Located near the base of Shiga Kogen, both Yudanaka and Shibu Onsen are famous of their abundance of 'onsens' (natural hot springs). Discovered more than one thousand years ago, the water is said to hold powerful healing properties and specif medicinal benefit...

  • 3. Shiga Kogen

    Shiga Kogen

    Part of the expansive Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, Shiga Kogen is a mountainous region of stunning beauty and ecological importance. In winter, the mountains are inundated by heavy snowfall – more than 12 meters per year – turning the landscape powder white...

  • 4. Obuse & Suzaka

    Obuse & Suzaka

    Obuse is a small Edo Period (1603-1868) town steeped in history and tradition. Located in the heart of the countryside of Nagano Prefecture, Obuse is populated by quaint shops, gardens, temples, local delicacies and sake, and home to the Hokusai Museum. Katsus...

  • 5. Nagano City

    Nagano City

    Easily accessible from Tokyo and other destinations on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line, Nagano City is the largest metropolitan area in Nagano Prefecture. With its origins in the 6th and 7th centuries, Nagano's history is entwined with that of its most famous cul...

  • 6. Nozawa Onsen

    Nozawa Onsen

    The hot springs of Nozawa Onsen were discovered in the 8th century and since that time have been known for their healing properties. Like the Japanese for centuries before them, international visitors now head to Nozawa to soak their bodies (and souls) in the ...

  • 7. Hakuba


    Hakuba is internationally known as one of the host venues of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games; selected as such due to its world-class terrain, courses, and the abundance of powder snow that covers the mountains each winter. Comprising 11 individual snow resorts ...

  • 8. Alpine Route & Toyama

    Alpine Route & Toyama

    Open to the public from mid-April to late-November, the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route is one of Japan’s most iconic landscapes and memorable experiences. Accessible via the Toyama-side or Nagano-side of the mountain range, a series of transports carries visitor...

  • 9. Matsumoto


    Lying the shadow of the North Japan Alps, Matsumoto is a small but historic city most famous for its more than 400-year old original castle. As one of the few remaining original castles in Japan, it is a registered National Treasure and heart of the city.

  • 10. Karuizawa & Kusatsu Onsen

    Karuizawa & Kusatsu Onsen

    Once a 'post town' on the historic Nakasendo – an important route that connect Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo Period – Karuizawa is a popular mountain resort town located around 1000 metres above sea level. Blessed with a cool climate in summer and snow in win...

  • 11. Kiso Valley & Nakasendo

    Kiso Valley & Nakasendo

    Most famous for the historic Nakasendo Trail and its beautifully preserved ‘shukubamachi’ towns, the Kiso Valley is blessed with some of Central Japan’s most beautiful natural landscapes and cultural sites. The region is home to pristine forests, emerald river...

  • 12. Takayama City

    Takayama City

    Located deep within the mountains of central Japan, Takayama is famous for the excellent preservation and charm of its Edo period historical center - the 'Sannomachi'. The distinctive black facades of buildings that line the narrow streets are full of fascina...

  • 13. Madarao & Iiyama

    Madarao & Iiyama

    Lying across the valley from the more famous Nozawa Onsen, Madarao Mountin Resort lies somewhat in the shadow of its better known and larger neighbour. But for those who make it there, Madarao offers typically quieter ski runs, great powder and an open attitud...

  • 14. Myoko Kogen

    Myoko Kogen

    Sitting at the southern tip of Niigata Prefecture, Myoko is known for its deep snow and fantastic ski resorts. Less developed than the nearby resorts of Hakuba or Nozawa Onsen, Myoko retains a distinctly Japanese character. Boasting a huge amount of snowfall e...

  • 15. Kanazawa


    Located on Japan’s north coast, Kanazawa has established itself as a favourite destination for international visitors as they move through Central Japan. This relatively small city is home to some beautiful historic districts, great museums and some of Japan’s...

  • 16. Nagoya & Kii Peninsula

    Nagoya & Kii Peninsula

    Nagoya is one of Japan’s great metropolises and one of the country’s financial and industrial hubs. A modern and youthful city, Nagoya also has a rich history and great food scene, making it an ideal stop as you move from east to west, west to east, or into th...

  • 17. Mount Fuji & Hakone

    Mount Fuji & Hakone

    Instantly recognisable to both Japanese and international visitors, Mount Fuji is Japan’s most iconic natural landscape. Standing 3776 metres tall, it is the country’s tallest mountain and an active volcano – a constant, majestic presence in the historical and...

  • 18. Yuzawa & Niigata

    Yuzawa & Niigata

    Bordering Nagano and of similar character, Niigata is a large prefecture known for its mountains and heavy snow. Serviced by the Joetsu Shinkansen running from Tokyo to Niigata City, the hot spring and ski resort town of Yuzawa is a popular destination for man...

  • 19. Tokyo


    One of the world’s great cities, Tokyo must be experienced to be believed. Truly massive, Tokyo lays claim to being the most populous city in the world and in every sense is the center of modern Japan. Once called 'Edo', Tokyo has acted as the capital since th...

  • 20. Kyoto, Nara & Osaka

    Kyoto, Nara & Osaka

    Marking the border of western and central Japan, the cities of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka are within close proximity allowing for easy daytrips from one to the other. As the former capital of Japan and seat of imperial power for more than one thousand years, Kyoto ...