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If you have a clear-cut idea of what you want to see or do in the Snow Monkey region, then a private tour might be right up your alley. We can customize the tour to fit your preferences and make you experience all you want to experience. The tour could last for as many days as would be needed for you to see all on your bucket list. Feel free to ask any and all questions you might have in regards to the private tour.


See below for the cost of a private vehicle, an English-speaking guide, lunch, Snow Monkey Park entrance fee, and a list of activity options.



Cost Breakdown


Please refer to the costs displayed below to see the general costs for a private tour explained. The base cost is made up of a private vehicle and tour guide, in combination with lunch, entrance to the Snow Monkey Park, and one additional activity to make for a full day tour.


If you’d like to partake in more than 1 extra activity, please let us know so we can try fit it into a tour itinerary that fits just to your needs. Extra activities can lead to extra costs which will be calculated separately.


1.Private Vehicle & English-speaking tour guide:

¥95,000 per group*


For the above price, we will charter a vehicle, driver, and private guide just for you and your group of up to 13 people starting from/drop off at JR Nagano Station/Snow Monkey area. We will choose the best vehicle for you to travel comfortably according the size of your group & the number of suitcases.


* Tour inquiries from in and around Tokyo or Kanazawa are more than welcome as well. The price for these tours will be calculated per inquiry according to location and duration.


* If you need transportation from/to ski resorts in Nagano such as Hakuba, Shiga Kogen, Nozawa, Myoko, 0r Karuizawa please see the private tours from each ski resorts (HakubaShiga KogenNozawaMyoko, Karuizawa)


* If your group consists of more than 13 people, the price for the vehicle will be calculated separately.



2.Lunch, Snow Monkey Park + 1 of the below activities*

¥4,000 per adult (13+)

¥3,000 per child (6-12)


Children of 0-5 years old are free of charge (No meals will be included at the lunch restaurant. Please order directly to the restaurant according to your needs.)


*Activities as Snow Mobile and Skiing/snowboarding are offered for an extra charge. See below for more details.





Zenko-ji Temple & Sake Sampling (All Year Round)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Zenko-ji temple was the first established Buddhist temple in Japan and is rich in history and folk tales. Stroll around and learn all there is to know about the temple complex. Visit to the sake brewery, where you can taste various kinds of Japanese sake, can also be included without extra charge.


Hot Spring Onsen Experience (All Year Round)

Duration: 1 hour

One of the most beloved things to do for the Japanese is to bathe in a hot spring, or onsen as they are called in Japanese. Nagano Prefecture is famous for its various types of onsen so if you’re wanting to visit one, we can introduce you to some of the best onsen in the area. With our private tour, you can visit to a private onsen (there is rental towel service available).


Explore the Town of Obuse (All Year Round)

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Take a walk through picturesque Obuse, a town with still many Edo-style buildings remaining. Here Hokusai Katsushika, the world-known ukiyoe artist, spent his last years. If you’d like to see more of his art, there is an art museum dedicated to him in the center of the town where you can see his masterpieces. If you enjoy sake, there are two local sake breweries which provide sake tastings.


Snow Fun (End of December – March)

Duration: 2.5 hours

Skiing and snowboarding usually requires a lot of practice. However, for those who don’t have experience of skiing/snowboarding yet, there are various snow fun tools, such as snow scoot, sit-down skiing, or regular sledge, with which you can go down the slope without any pre-experience.


Cycling through Nagano Countryside (May – November)

Duration: 2.5 hours

Enjoy a mostly downhill cycle through the region’s countryside, eat some of the local snacks and rest your feet in a foot bath at the end of the cycle. Children from 8 years old can join the tour.


Togakushi Nature HikeNinja House (May – November)

Duration: 4 hours

Visit one of Shinto’s most well-known shrines in Togakushi and enjoy a hike through nature to get to the Ninja House where you can experience being a ninja. Please note that this tour is available only as a full-day option.


Shiga Kogen Summer Ski Lift and Short Hiking (June – October)

Duration: 2 hours

Shiga Kogen was the scene for the 1998 Winter Olympics and has an huge range of ski slopes. During the green season the mountains in their vast green glory are revealed and are lovely for hiking. It is one of the most popular half-day activities during the green season after visiting the monkey park.


Extra Value Activities 


Snow Mobile Ride (End of December – March)

Duration: 30 min / 1 hour

The area of snow monkeys has some of the richest snowfall in Japan, which makes for the perfect setting for various snow activities. Driving a snow mobile in Shiga Kogen, the site of the Nagano Olympics in 1998, is a popular attraction for all ages from adults to children. Both single ride and tandem ride are available. Please see the link for the activity for a breakdown of the extra costs included with the snow mobile activity.



Duration: Half day or Full Day

When in the area with the largest ski/snowboard resorts, you should give those activities a go! If you’d like to get assistance with arranging ski gear and get taken to the best ski slopes, we can definitely help you. If you’re a beginner and not sure about the how-to, we can get you a ski/snowboard lesson with a licensed, English-speaking instructor. If you would like us to coordinate rental gear, ski lessons, and lift tickets with our private tour, we will create an itinerary for you upon inquiry.



Tour Fare Example: 

1. Snow Monkey Park + Zenko-ji Temple – 5 adults

  • ¥95,000 – 1 day private car + English-speaking guide
  • ¥20,000 – Lunch + Snow Monkey Park entrance fee + Zenko-ji Temple Visit  (¥4,000 per person)

     Total – ¥115,000


Google Map

The meeting place will be set upon individual requests


What is the booking and payment procedure after I submit an inquiry? 
We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Then, once your tour itinerary and tour fare are confirmed on both ends, we will send you an electric invoice to the email address. Once you have received the invoice, please click on the inserted link and complete payment either via credit card or Paypal. We will then send you a tour contract voucher after completion of the payment.