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Everyday - Dec to April


9:00 - 17:00

Meeting Place

Fujiiso Ryokan or JR Nagano Station


104,000 ~ / group JPY

This tour is for those who are staying or are planning to stay at Fujiiso, a luxurious ryokan located in Yamada Onsen, Matsukawa Valley of the Northern Nagano. If you want to visit some of Nagano’s highlights like the hot spring-bathing snow monkeys, we can customize your tour and pick-up or drop-off points according to your schedule such as:


  • pick-up/drop-off at Fujiiso
  • pick-up at Nagano Station/end at Fujiiso
  • pick-up at Fujiiso/end at JR Nagano Station


Take advantage of this 8-hour day trip itinerary if you are staying in Fujiiso Ryokan: visit the Snow Monkey Park, enjoy a filling lunch, and experience an afternoon activity customized to your interest.



*Please note that the accommodation fee of Fujiiso Ryokan is not included in the tour fare. You can book the room from the page here





  • Travel in your own personal charter van from/to Fujiiso to major destinations in Northern Nagano.
  • Explore the Jigokudani Monkey Park and see its unique inhabitants, the snow monkeys.
  • Enjoy a lunch made up of many Japanese staple dishes at a restaurant near the Monkey Park.
  • Choose your preferred afternoon activity – be it sake sampling, town/temple explorations, winter play, etc.
  • After the tour, return to Fujiiso in Yamada Onsen (Matsukawa Valley), or JR Nagano Station (depending on your schedule)





In the mountains of Northern Nagano you can find the 200-year-old hot spring town of Yamada Onsen in Matsukawa Valley – a yet undiscovered gem with pronounced seasons. In the heat of summer, the town stays cool and comfortable due to its high elevation, in autumn the trees color in bright reds, oranges and yellows. In spring, the centuries-old cherry blossoms bloom, and in winter, Yamada Onsen is frequented by avid ski/snowboarders for of its 14km Takochi ungroomed backcountry course. When in Yamada Onsen, we recommend staying at Fujiiso, a ryokan – Japanese guesthouse – known as one of the finest in Central Japan.

Fujiiso winter



Staying overnight at Fujiiso is a cultural experience on its own. The ryokan is top-tier, with all the service, comfort and class traditionally found in Japanese guesthouses. The elegant Japanese and Western-style rooms look out over the forested ravine with its fast river. What makes Fujiiso really special though, is its food and hot springs. The food experience is of top level, with the Fujiiso staff creating a seasonal image on your plate with local vegetables and wild plants. The onsen water in the ryokan’s granite and timber onsen facilities is said to have healing properties, and has been a popular item for visitors over the years.


For those planning to stay at Fujiiso, besides the various seasonal attractions in the valley and hot spring town of Yamada Onsen, venturing out to other major attractions of Nagano Prefecture is a must. This tour provides you and your group with your own vehicle, driver, and guide, and keeps with the hot spring theme by taking you to the onsen-bathing Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani. After a sumptuous lunch, you can get taken to any place you’d like to go in Northern Nagano.


snow monkeys in bath snow


Start the private tour by meeting your guide at the lobby of Fujiiso. Take a seat in your private vehicle and cross the countryside of Northern Nagano to get to the trail entrance of the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park. Walk on this trail for 25 minutes (1.6km) until you arrive at the Valley of Hell – Jigokudani in Japanese. This valley is home to a troop of Japanese macaques, who have acquired the peculiar habit of bathing in onsen on snowy, icy days.


After spending time with the snow monkeys, walk back along the snowy trail and head towards the lunch restaurant where a Japanese lunch is waiting for you. Relax, warm yourself, and once your belly is filled, it is time for your chosen afternoon activity.


You can choose one of the below activities:

  • Explore the town of Obuse, an historic town renowned for its chestnut treats and Katsushiku Hokusai woodblock prints.
  • Travel to the snowy mountains of Shiga Kogen and have fun in the snow using various tools such as toboggans, snowbikes, and more! (from the end of Dec – the mid March)
  • Discover the history and legends connected to the important temple complex of Zenko-ji. Having seen the temple, challenge tour taste buds with a sake tasting.
  • Get taken to local cherry blossom hot spots and do sakura-viewing the Japanese way (Nagano’s cherry blossom season is from mid to late April).


Just let us know in the booking form about what activity you’re interested in, and we will create an itinerary based on your request.


The_Great_Wave_off_Kanagawa hokusai

snow fun

zenko-ji temple with snow




Having seen temples, sampled sake, played in the snow, or learned about famous works of art, get back in your private vehicle and get comfortable. Your driver will bring you to either Fujiiso, where you’ll spend a luxurious night, or JR Nagano Station, from where you can catch the train to your next destination.



9:00 Meet with your guide either at the lobby of Fujiiso or JR Nagano Station. Take a seat and make your way to the Snow Monkey Park.
10:00 Approximate arrival at the trail entrance to the Snow Monkey Park. Start walking along the forested trail until you arrive at the Jigokudani Valley.
10:40 Enjoy time with the onsen-bathing snow monkeys.
11:40 Leave the Snow Monkey Park and make you way back along the trail.
12:20 Arrival at the lunch restaurant where a hearty meal is waiting for you.
13:30 Depart from the lunch place and let your driver and guide take you to your preferred place or activity. It can be playing around in the snow of Shiga Kogen, cherry blossom-viewing, exploring the town of Obuse or Shibu Onsen, learning all about temples at the Zenko-ji Temple or Gansho-in in Obuse. Let us know your preferred activity and we will create an itinerary.
16:00 Leave Obuse and make your way to either Fujiiso or JR Nagano Station
16:30-17:00 Approximate arrival at your preferred end point.



  • Transportation to/from Fujiiso to your preferred places.
  • Entrance fee to the Snow Monkey Park
  • Lunch (vegetarian options are available)
  • English-speaking guide
  • 1 afternoon activity of your choice



  • Accommodation fee of Fujiiso



Other Information:

  • There are a few days in the year that the monkeys might not come down to the park. In such case we will provide an alternative activity.
  • Confirmation email of your reservation will be sent to you within 48 hours after booking.


Google Map

Fujiiso Ryokan or JR Nagano Station

(TW) 藤井荘或JR 長野站


How should I send a booking request and what is the payment procedure?

Please provide us in the booking form with your preferred start & end time, pick-up & drop-off point, and select your preferred activity following after the snow money park and lunch.


Once we receive your booking, we will create a tour itinerary based on the provided information and confirm your booking within 48 hours via email. If you would like to modify the suggested itinerary, please reply to us and we will fix the itinerary according to your preference.