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Everyday - All Year Round


(Day 1) 7:00 - (Day 3) 19:00

Meeting Place

At your location in Tokyo


  • See the highlights of Japan on a 3-day trip from and to Tokyo!
  • Enjoy legendary Mt. Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi and other nearby sights
  • Explore one of Japan’s most impressive castles at Matsumoto
  • Spend two nights at a luxurious ryokan and enjoy traditional kaiseki dining and hot spring bathing
  • See the snow monkeys in their mountainous habitat
  • Learn about Japanese Buddhism during a visit to the famous Zenkoji Temple with sake sampling after
  • Eat yourself full with seasonally available fruit at a fruit farm
  • Walk around Kawagoe, famous for its traditional sweets and attractive architecture




The aim of this tour is to show and experience the most impressive and attractive sights of the heartland of Japan.


Day 1:


Your driver will pick you up at your location in Tokyo and take you to the Snow Monkey area. On the way to the Snow Monkey area in Nagano prefecture we will make some stops close to Mt. Fuji. These places, like for example Lake Kawaguchi, a lake right next to Japan’s most famous mountain, or the 5-story Chureito Pagoda, have been picked out because of their lovely view over the mountain. Your driver will take you to various viewpoints which will show you the best of the legendary mountain.


After getting your fill of Mt. Fuji, head to Matsumoto, a city with a famous black castle nicknamed the Crow Castle. Go for lunch and after you’ve filled yourself up, walk around the city, the castle, and the castle gardens.


From the city it’s a two hour drive and then you will  have arrived to Senjukaku, the most luxurious ryokan (Japanese inn) in the Snow Monkey area. This ryokan is beloved by the Japanese imperial family and they come visit about once a year for some rest and relaxation. Stay overnight at this premier ryokan and dine on kaiseki, Japanese traditional multi-course food with a relaxing soak in a private hot spring afterwards.


Day 2: 


The second day you will join a guided group tour to the Snow Monkey Park, the temple of Zenko-ji, and Sake tasting. After a fulfilling breakfast, meet up with the guide at the meeting point close your hotel and walk for 30 minutes to get to the Snow Monkey Park. The Snow Monkey Park is the habitat of the Japanese macaques, and they wander around the park freely, not caring about visitors in their playground. Take your time to photograph these creatures and then make your way down for lunch.


Having finished lunch, you can either go back to the hotel and take a rest, or join the group to the temple complex of Zenko-ji, one of Japan’s most influential temples. Your guide will explain all about the stories connected to the complex and about Buddhism. Afterwards, go for a sampling of sake at one of Nagano’s breweries before heading back to your hotel.


Day 3:


On the third and final day your driver will pick you up at the ryokan and drive you back to Tokyo. On the way to Tokyo make a stop at a fruit farm where you can enjoy fruit picking. Here you get an hour to eat yourself completely full of strawberries, cherries, or grapes, etc. depending on the season.


After enjoying picking the fruit get back in your vehicle and make your way to Kawagoe, a town next to Tokyo which is nicknamed Little Edo (medieval Tokyo) after the traditional architecture of the houses and shops. Kawagoe has streets like Candy Lane, where you can find traditional candy, and the Storehouse street, with many beautiful buildings and shops. Here you can shop around and get your fill of souvenirs, Japanese sweets, sweet potato treats like beer, chips, and soft serve, and more.


Get back to your vehicle and start making your way to your hotel, apartment, or airport in Tokyo!



Cost Breakdown:


1. Private Vehicle & Driver (Day 1 & 3) from/back to Tokyo: 



2. Individual Fee (Please see “included” below)

¥19,800 per adult (13+)

¥12,800 per child (6-12)

*Individual fee for infants of 0-5 years old are free of charge


3. Accommodation Fee (2 nights, incl. breakfast)

±¥48,000 per adult (13+)

±¥33,600 per child (6-12)

±¥24,000 per infant (3-5)

*Accommodation fee for infants of 0-2 years old are free of charge


The above pricing is the average accommodation fee. The hotel rates vary depending on your travel date, the number of people to share a room, the room size, adult or child pricing, and whether or not you want to have dinner included or excluded. How much a night per person depends on the above factors.


Please let us know in your inqury on the date, the number of adults, children, or infants, how many people you’d like in one room, and whether you’d like dinner included. We will calculate the price and give you a quotation accordingly.



Tour Fare Example:


If your group consists of 6 adults, 3 children, 1 infant (2-year-old), the total tour fee would be ¥958,000 for:


Transportation fee : ¥420,000


Individual fee 6 adults: ¥118,800 (¥19,800 x 6)

Individual fee 3 children: ¥38,400 (¥12,800 x 3)

*Individual fee for infants of 0-5 years old: free of charge.


2 night accommodation for 6 adults: ¥280,000 (¥48,000 x 6)

2 night accommodation for 3 children: ¥100,800 (¥33,600 x 3)

*2 night accommodation for 1 infant between 0-2: free of charge


*The above fees all include 8% of the consumption tax.


Day1 7:00 Meet-up with the guide at your location in Tokyo. From here we will head to the Snow Monkey area and make a stop at Lake Kawaguchi to see Japan's most beloved mountain.
12:30 Arrival at the city of Matsumoto and enjoy lunch. Then, explore the gardens and castle.
14:30 Leave Matsumoto Castle for hotel Senjukaku. Check-in and then you're set to relax in the onsen of the hotel, walk around the garden, and eat their delicious dinner.
Day2 10:45 After eating breakfast at the hotel, meet with the guide and the tour group. From there get to the Snow Monkey forest trail. We will walk for 30 minutes to the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park where you get to enjoy seeing some of the cutest monkeys in their habitat.
12:15 After seeing the monkeys frolicking around, head back on the forest trail to the lunch restaurant.
14:00 After lunch go to the Zenko-ji temple complex and learn of the practices, legends, and myths connected to the temple. Having seen all you wanted to see of the temple, take 30 minutes of free time to walk around the shopping street. After shopping, go for a sake tasting at a local sake brewery.
17:30 Make your way back to the hotel where you will arrive at 19:00. If you want us to make dinner reservations for after the tour, please let us know.
Day3 8:30 Get in your private vehicle with your guide and head to a local fruit farm where you can eat your belly full with seasonally available fruit.
14:30 Arrival at Kawagoe where you guide will show you around the historic streets. Enjoy some free time to wander around the shops after.
18:00 ~ 20:00 Approximate arrival to your destination in Tokyo depending on the location and traffic conditions.



  • Transportation from and back to your location in Tokyo and between attractions
  • Entrance fee to the Snow Monkey Park
  • Lunch on the 2nd day (vegetarian options are available)
  • English-speaking guide for the 2nd day
  • Accommodation at Hotel Senjukaku (incl. breakfast)
  • Fruit picking
  • Matsumoto Castle entrance fee



  • Extra drinks/foods separately ordered at the hotel
  • Infant (0-2 years old) futon/meals if required at the hotel.
  • Lunch on the 1st and 3rd day
  • Optional attraction at Zenko-ji Temple


Other Information:

  • Please wear suitable shoes for the walking trail.
  • There are a few days in the year that the monkeys might not come down to the park. In such case we will provide an alternative activity.


Google Map

At your location in Tokyo

At your location in Tokyo


What is the payment procedure after I submit a booking request?

Once your booking request is confirmed on our end, we will send an electric invoice to the email address you’ve submitted in the reservation form. Once you have received the email, please click on the inserted link and complete payment either via credit card or Paypal.