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Sun, Tues, Weds & Fri / All year round


8:45 - 18:30

Meeting Place

JR Nagano Station Information Board


Adult (13+) 18,800 JPY
Child (6-12) 14,800 JPY


  • Experience Japan and Nagano’s renowned food culture, starting with a visit to the beautiful Daio Wasabi Farm where you can stroll and pick your own ‘wasabi’, and challenge your perceptions of this subtle and versatile plant
  • Learn to make ‘soba’ (buckwheat noodles) with a guided lesson and lunch, where you’ll put your handpicked wasabi to immediate and delicious use!
  • Visit of the region’s oldest and most renowned ‘sake’ breweries, Kametaya and enjoy a guided tour of the brewery and guided tasting
  • Explore Matsumoto Castle, a registered National Treasure and one of the last remaining castles in Japan


*This tour is limited to groups of 2 people and more.


**This tour has replaced our previous 1-Day Nagano to Matsumoto: Castles & Culinary Exploration Tour. For any guests with confirmed bookings for that tour, will we be conducting the tour as confirmed at the time including visits to Matsumoto Castle, Daio Wasabi Farm, Kametaya Brewery and local miso factory for lunch. If you have any questions about your booking please feel free to contact us at:




Japan’s food culture is renowned throughout the world and as one of the country’s primary agricultural regions, there’s no better place to get hands-on and indulge in the local cuisine than Nagano!


Starting at JR Nagano Station at 8:45 (the guide will be there from 8:30), your guide will quickly have you on your way toward Azumino, a beautiful rural area in the valley below the dramatic Northern Alps (or Hida Mountains). First stop is Daio Wasabi Farm, to enjoy (and perhaps be surprised!) by the subtlety of flavor and versality of use for real wasabi. This beautiful farm is as famous for its serene setting – featured in the Kurosawa Akira film ‘Dreams’ – as it is for the peppery flavor of its wasabi. You’ll have the chance to stroll and pick your own wasabi, and if so inclined, try wasabi chocolate, ice cream, or even beer!




With wasabi in-hand you next head for lunch and hands-on experience of soba-making. Soba (buckwheat noodles) are synonymous with the region and satisfying to make for yourself. Putting your fresh wasabi to use, you will be guided through kneading, rolling, and cutting your own noodles before combining them with your freshly grated wasabi.




After a satisfying lunch you will head to Kametaya Brewery, to sample yet another of Nagnao’s most acclaimed products, sake. As Japanese most famous drink, the world of sake is complex and steeped in history which is best experienced right where it’s produced, at one of the region’s oldest and most acclaimed breweries. You will tour the historic buildings before enjoying a guided tasting experience.




The final stop of the tour takes you to Matsumoto and its iconic castle. Over 400 years old and a registered National Treasure, Matsumoto Castle of one Nagano’s most impressive cultural sites, known for its structural beauty and splendid mountain backdrop. You will be guided into the castle grounds as your guide reveals the history and features which make it so lauded, before giving you time to explore for yourself (including ascending all the way to the top of its six storeys, should you choose to!).




Meeting-up with your guide will then board the tour bus and begin your journey back toward Nagano, with the tour schedule to conclude where it began, at JR Nagano Station, between 18:00 and 18:30.


08:45 Meet with your guide at the Information Board of JR Nagano station directly across from the Shinkansen gates. Bard the tour bus and begin your journey toward Azumino.
10:15 Arrive at Daio Wasabi Farm, where you will have time to stroll and enjoy the beautiful setting before picking your own.
11:15 Depart Daio and head toward your lunch venue.
11:30 Enjoy a guided, hands-on soba-making experience followed by lunch.
13:30 Make your way toward Kametaya Sake Brewery.
14:15 Arrive at the brewery and be guided around the historic buildings before enjoying a tasting, all led by your guide.
15:15 Depart the brewery and head toward Matsumoto for the final stop of the tour.
15:45 Arrive at Matsumoto Castle and explore the historic grounds and structure.
16:45 Meetup with you guide and begin the journey back to Nagano.
18:00-18:30 Tour concludes at JR Nagano Station.



  • Transportation from Nagano Station to Matsumoto Castle, other attractions, and back to Nagano Station
  • Entry to Daio Wasabi Farm including wasabi-picking
  • Soba-making experience including lunch
  • Sake tasting
  • Entry to Matsumoto Castle
  • English-speaking guide



  • Additional food, snacks, and drinks
  • Bullet train tickets


Other Information:

  • Infants (0-5) are free of charge (lunch is not included for infants. Please order directly to the restaurant according to your needs).
  • Confirmation email of your reservation will be sent to you within 48 hours after booking.
  • Please wear suitable shoes for walking.
  • The itinerary is based on the traffic conditions being optimal. We will adjust the schedule according to traffic conditions and pace of the group on the day of the tour.


Google Map

JR Nagano Station Information Board

Kurita, Nagano-shi, Nagano, 380-0921, Japan


What time of the bullet train should I ride to arrive in Nagano on time? What time does the bullet train depart back to Tokyo after the tour?

The start and finish of the tour are arranged according to the bullet train (called Hokuriku Shinkansen) timetable. See below for specific timetables on the bullet train departure and arrival times to/from Nagano Station.


Departing Tokyo Station – Arriving Nagano Station:

Tokyo: 06:28 – Nagano: 08:06 – Hakutaka
Tokyo: 06:52 – Nagano: 08:40 – Asama
Tokyo: 07:20 – Nagano: 08:43 – Kagayaki (reserved seats only)*


*You can still take 07:20 – 08:43 train since JR Nagano Station isn’t big at all and there is only one Shinkansen ticket exit. The tour meet-up is just after the Shinkansen ticket exit so please come straight up to there.


Departing Nagano Station – Arriving Tokyo Station:
Nagano: 19:08 – Tokyo: 20:52  – Asama
Nagano: 19:38 – Tokyo: 21:16  – Hakutaka