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Meet Your Guides

  • Peter Carnell

    Hi everyone! I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but now living in (and loving) Nagano Prefecture. When I first came to Japan and ventured outside of the big cities I was struck by the beauty of the landscape – the mountains, forests, rivers, and farmlands. This is a place with four distinct seasons, each typified by different colours, aromas, sounds, and cultural activities; all of which make Nagano so memorable and worth visiting anytime during the year.

    I have a Master of Cultural Heritage with a particular interest in rural cultural landscapes and all forms of traditional cultural expression. You might be surprised to learn that for most Japanese, the national heartland is not Tokyo or Kyoto but traditional rural areas such as this – often referred to as satoyama. It is place where you can step back into tradition and discover the values and practices that define this amazing country.

    I look forward to meeting you and sharing the wonderful experiences that Nagano has to offer.
  • Louki Bosma

    Hi! My name is Louki and I’m one of the guides of Snow Monkey Resorts. I developed an interest in Japan after eating at a fancy Japanese dining restaurant in the Netherlands. The food was delicious and being a foodie, it made me intrigued about what else there was to discover about the country of origin.

    I became fascinated by more than the food as I began to learn more about Japan’s culture and history during my years at university (although the food is still one of the main reasons as to why I love Japan).

    I think the country, and especially Nagano Prefecture, is fascinating. There is so much to explore and to discover. I have been living in Nagano Prefecture for a while now and still find new, exciting things every day. I would love to introduce you to some of the strange/beautiful/tasty things around the area.
  • Shinji Saito

    Hello all! I am a Japanese native born and raised in the city of Kamakura, south of Tokyo. I studied abroad in Iowa, the U.S., where I obtained my B.A degree in political science/international relations. Throughout my life I have traveled to many places abroad like Europe, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nepal, Thai, and many more.

    Fascinated by the beauty of Japanese countryside, I decided to come to Nagano and work for Snow Monkey Resorts. And being a nature-lover, I am at the right place. Here I can practice my hobbies of trail-running and mountain-climbing whenever I want!

    I am passionate to share not only Japan as a whole with you, but also the way people live in rural Nagano.

    I look forward to seeing you!
  • Ryutaro Oshima

    Hi everyone, I’m Ryutaro Oshima. I’m was born in Tokyo, grew-up and went to high school there. Once I started university, I moved away and began my life of migration that has led me to live in Ehime, Nagoya and eventually back to Tokyo. In that time I also backpacked to more than 30 countries in the northern hemisphere. 

    I have Masters Degree in Geography with an interest in urban landscapes. If you're interested in the backstreets of a city, I'd love the chance to take you deep in the urban culture of Japan's cities. But it's my guess that if you're coming to Nagano, you are most interested in the region's beautiful natural landscapes...

    Growing up in Tokyo I wasn't exposed to the abundant nature you experience in Nagano. There wasn't even a ditch by the road let alone huge mountains, rivers, and lakes! Living in Nagano, I am so impressed by those things that I now see everyday. Viewing the mountains reflect the morning sunshine fills me with a deep happiness and I'd like to share such wonderful experiences with you.

    I look forward to seeing you here!
  • Toru Ouchi

    I am a Certified National Guide, born and raised in the city of Ueda in Nagano. At university I majored in English education and have now been learning English for a long time. I enjoy cross-cultural interaction with international visitors and therefore really being a tour guide as it satisfies that interest.

    I am proud of my home, Nagano. It attracts many visitors seeking to enjoy its remarkably beautiful nature. I want to be of service in helping you to enjoy the attractions of this region and walk away with a really memorable travel experience.

    I am very active, walking at least one hour each day or riding a cross-bike, and also love to travel myself. I have visited the UK, USA, Turkey, and the Philippines. Someday soon I am planning to visit India.

    Before I do, I look forward to being your guide in Nagano!
  • Eva Sombra

    Hello everyone my name is Eva. I’m a Filipina but have been living in Nagano Prefecture with my family for many years. I love the simple and peaceful lifestyle here!

    I studied an AB Mass Communication at Far Eastern University in the Philippines before moving to Japan. I’m now a working mom and have experienced many jobs here, most recently as a translator/interpreter for Matsumoto City and a bilingual guide taking visitors to beautiful Kamikochi, the Snow Monkeys, and more. I’m happy when meeting people from different places and showing them the beautiful, historical places of Nagano.

    I love many things about Japan especially pop culture including anime and karaoke! I really love to sing karaoke with my two kids and be part of my community, attending different cultural events.

    I look forward to welcoming you to Nagano and helping you understand everyday Japan!
  • Kieron Nicoll

    G’day! I’m Kieron and originally from Brisbane, Australia.

    When young and wanting to spread my wings, I followed the well worn path to Europe and then on to work in the U.K. While en route back to Australia from that adventure, a planned stopover in Japan became slightly extended and is now more than 20 years and counting!

    In particular, I felt embraced by the surrounding mountains of Nagano and one of the reasons I now call Nagano my home. The history and tranquility of the area, along with the variety of outdoor pursuits on offer over four seasons, keeps me active and entertained.

    It’ll be my absolute pleasure to show you some of the highlights of this magnificent area. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to welcoming you to Nagano!